A RED Canids is presenting its news for the next season of CBLOL 2024 1st. After announcing Brance, the organization has now revealed who their new support will be.

As previously anticipated by More Esports, Jojo is the one who will occupy the position of Frosty, which may remain in the Pack’s reserves next year. The two-time champion support with RED Canids will continue along with Brance, who was his teammate in Fluxo.

(Image: Disclosure/CBLOL)

According to Felippe Corradini, CEO of Matilha, the organization disbursed an amount of R$ 300 mil to count on support. Brance, the organization’s new ADC, cost R$ 500 mil to the RED Canids coffers

Now all that remains is the announcement of Grevthar’s return. The mid laner was also purchased by the organization from Live Keydthe team that had taken him earlier this year.

Brance and Jojo’s History

Brance had a meteoric rise in LOUD, he was champion and starred in an iconic scene at Worlds 2022. Upon returning to Brazil, he chose to join Fluxo, but ended up placing sixth in both stages with the organization.

Jojo, support, was two-time CBLOL champion with RED Canids in 2021 and 2022, but left the organization to partner with the same ADC who will be his lane partner in this new phase of the Matilha.

RED Canids Jojo
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Luis Santana
published in November 22, 2023

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