Confirming the hirings given first hand by the More Esports, a paiN Gaming announced the arrival of its new ADC, TitaN, with South Korean support On.

The announcement was made this Tuesday (19) and included the participation of emblematic figures from the paiN fans. Check out:

In addition to the two new signings, paiN will maintain the top laner Wisero jungler Cario e o mid laner Dynquedo. In the technical committee, Xero continues as Herad coach and will have the help of Song S, who commented on the organization’s base teams.

With the new line-up, the team seeks to reach the CBLOL 2024 title. It is worth remembering that paiN comes from four consecutive runners-up, three of which were defeats to LOUD, which also has a closed line-up.

Time da paiN no CBLOL 2024 1° split:

  • TOP: Wiser
  • JUNGLE: Cario
  • MID: dyNquedo
  • ADC: TitaN
  • SUP: On
Cariok, TitaN and Dynquedo (Image: Disclosure/paiN)

Kuri and titaN will play together again

Kuri and TitaN played together at RED Canids, however, he did not finish the stage with the Matilha. He was replaced by scamber after the team entered a bad phase in the competition. The main alleged problem was communication, and the owner of RED revealed that Kuri himself asked to leave.

Kuri and TitaN hugging at CBLOL 2023
Reproduction/Riot Games

How was the paiN window?

paiN entered the transfer window under a lot of pressure for big changes, after all they have already finished four runners-up in a row.

Right off the bat, dyNquedomid laner, had a good chance of leaving the organization, with proposals from Fluxo and also Kaboom.

However, the situation changed when the Traditionals went after TitaN, aiming to have him for the next stage. The negotiation was a soap opera, as Kabum was in the lead, but paiN managed to convince the ADC to wear the traditional mantle.

Imagem do titaN na paiN Gaming
(Image: Disclosure/paiN)

With TitaN guaranteed, dyNquedo also continued in the line-up, along with Cario e wiser, which will also remain for next year. Then, another soap opera began: the search for support for TitaN.

The arrival of the new ADC also conditioned ProDelta’s departure, and TitaN had complete autonomy to choose his lane partner. Right away he went to Kuri, who initially didn’t want to return to Brazil.

With Kuri’s initial resistance, paiN also entered the fight for Ceos, but the former LOUD support chose to sign with KaBuM for 2024.

So paiN spoke with Kuri again and assured that the player will have a better experience now in Brazil, convincing him to sign a contract for 2024.


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