During a live, one of the CEO and LOS, Rodrigo “The Cat”talked about “close the org” if they don’t earn anything in 2 years. The cat promised to commit to your attention “and a few million” during this time, but if he doesn’t receive it in return, he would rather to close a org.

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El Gato talks about “closing the LOS” if they don’t earn anything in 2 years

During an outburst on his live, El Gato began his speech citing this commitment to seeing change within the organization, check it out:

Two years, bro. I’m going to have a meeting with all the partners and say: I’m going to work for two years and put my soul into it and put a few million here to play. If in two years we don’t take out so many millions and make so many millions in profit, put an end to this misfortune and send everyone to hell. Everyone will cheer for LOUD and it’s fucking over

In the photo, one of the owners of LOS - El Gato
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El Gato still puts himself in the shoes of the LOS fan and vents:

No one deserves to wake up early to watch the team play and be embarrassed, who can handle it? This is suffering. I don’t want anyone to suffer, they’re going to see LOUD winning against paiN again, 3×0 and it’s over

Is it a meme or not?

It’s always worth reinforcing: El Gato is one of the most “funny” characters on the scene. Even though they sometimes have these tilts, El Gato leaves everything in the realm of jokes and humor, despite the fans sympathizing with this dissatisfaction. The owner joked that the LOS is already for sale in the comments of one of the publications about the cut of his stream, check it out:

The cat
Foto: Saymon Sampaio/Free Fire Pro League
Sergio FioriniSergio Fiorini
published in April 16, 2024

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