A paiN Gaming ran over the LOUD in the last game of the second round of CBLOL 2024marking the first victory of titaN by the organization. In addition to all the paiN fans, the ADC’s son was also in the audience, who even went viral on social media.

TitaN cites her son as her biggest motivation at the moment

During the press conference after paiN’s victory, titaN was asked what his biggest motivation was for becoming champion in 2024, and the ADC did not hesitate in citing his son as a priority.

Man, my biggest motivation is definitely, to be very direct, I think it’s definitely my son; I think I have an extra responsibility to myself, besides everything… my team. I do this for them, I’m always dedicating myself and trying as hard as I can on a daily basis so as not to disappoint people who really deserve to see more.

Even the paiN fans, which for me is a very big asset they have, it’s a plus since when you join the team, you already feel their affection, you already feel the closeness they have with you and I think I’m trying to bring this with myself. So, that’s it… one of my biggest motivations is my son and certainly my team.

Titan’s son at CBLOL 2024 (Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr)

Small traditional attracts attention

And it’s not just the ADC who was motivated by the little one. The player’s son infected many traditional fans and even casters, check out the reactions:

titaN talks about paiN’s haste in the first week of CBLOL 2024

During the same press conference, titaN also cited haste as one of paiN’s problems in this first week of CBLOL. Despite the victory against LOUD, the team started losing to RED on Saturday (20).

We are really busy on stage. The first game was very different from what we are used to, our attitudes in the game and posture were very bad. [..] It’s not because they focused on the bot, it was because we made a mistake, and any team would do the same thing if they had made a mistake like us. Of course, RED had merit too, but we dragged the game too long.

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