In the match that opened the 5th round of the CBLOL 2024in between INTZ contra FURYthe “fury” can be seen again in the INTZ coach: Aoshi.

INTZ brought a very strong proposal at the beginning of the game, with a creation Jungler, but was unable to reflect it in the match, check out the numbers:

INTZ Aoshi opens the game at the press conference

O More Esports He made a point of asking Aoshi, INTZ’s coach, what bothered him most, which has happened on other occasions. Check out the coach’s reaction and speech:

My natural feeling is to feel angry, especially when we are in a position to win the game like this, I feel very uncomfortable, and what’s missing is attitude in the game. We are well aligned with the draft, with what we want to do, we had a good week of training, but we didn’t show it when it mattered.

Finishes INTZ Aoshi.

Upcoming clashes

INTZ returns to play this Sunday (04/02), and faces the current champion LOUD. The following week he will face KaBuM and Fluxo.

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Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games
Sergio Fiorini
published in February 3, 2024edited 3 days ago


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