This Sunday (04/02), the sixth round of the CBLOL 2024 which ended with a confrontation between Vivo Keyd Stars x Liberty, a smooth departure for VKS! Now CBLOL 2024 has a leader: a LOUDhowever, leadership is only due to a victory of difference!

In this round there was a backdoor from Tin e run over and paiN against Kaboom shaking the top of the competition and Fluxo turning on RED!

Below, see the results of the day.

Results of the 5th round of CBLOL 2024 1st split

  • RED 0 x 1 Flow
  • Kaboom 0 x 1 paiN
  • INTZ 0 x 1 LOUD
  • LOS 0 x 1 FURY
  • Procuracy 1 x 0 Liberty

Match Statistics

published in February 4, 2024


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