A LOUD announced the latest pieces in its line-up for the CBLOL 2024 1° split. This is support Redbert, who arrives to take the place of Ceos, and the South Korean coach Stardust. Furthermore, the organization will have psychologist Luciana Nunes.

How was the LOUD window?

Three-time Brazilian champion, LOUD tried at all costs to maintain the squad for CBLOL 2024. However, KaBuM made a great proposal for Ceos and ended up managing to take support from the emerald team.

Already having two Koreans in the line-up, LOUD ended up having to look for Brazilian support. When the team entered this search, most of the players in the position were already closed.

The decision was in the hands of Route, who liked the idea of ​​having RedBert as his new partner. Although Redbert has not performed well in recent splits, he is seen as an experienced player and has even won the CBLOL.

Stardust was LOUD’s last signing, as the CBLOL Transfer Window allows coaches to register later. The South Korean arrives with a lot of baggage, but he didn’t have a good second split with LOS, who finished in eighth place.

With the announcement, LOUD’s line-up will look as follows:

  • TOP: Robo
  • JUNGLE: Croc
  • MID: Tinowns
  • ADC: Route
  • SUP: RedBert
  • COACH: Stardust
(Image: Disclosure/LOUD)
Bruno Rodrigues
published in December 22, 2023edited 4 days ago

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