A LOUDafter winning his fourth consecutive championship over the paiNmanaged to touch the Kaboom in titles and surpass your rival in the finals in titles. It is worth remembering: the Verduxa only have 4 years of scenerywhile the Ninjas have been since 2013 it’s at Traditional from 2012.

Tetra for LOUD is bullshit for paiN?

The rivalry that formed in the CBLOL in between paiN e LOUD It’s giving the panel a headache: there are already four runners-up in a row and in the blink of an eye, Tradição finds itself even further away from the top of the biggest winner.

The three-time Traditional champion has just seen her rival overtake and catch up to KaBuM, who is also a four-time champion. There has never been a team that has won four consecutive times, not even three times. The LOUD jungler, Crocdid not fail to spoil the history of finals:

Everyone says that paiN Gaming is the tradition, but LOUD is the history.

Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

How the More Esports previously stated, there was a chance that Verduxa would overtake paiN, even with 8 years less experience. And as Croc said: history was made.

LOUD on the path of history

Speaking of history, LOUD’s top-laner, Robo, became the greatest champion in CBLOL history and Tinowns tied with BrTT in titles and is in second place. Verduxa’s support was also an iconic character: Redbert went from 10th in one split to champion in the next!

Verduxa is Brazil at MSI 2024

Now LOUD is qualified for MSI 2024, but it has a tough time right from the start of the tournament, as it will face Top Esports, of Meiko, JackeyLove and others. By the way, Robo told the press conference that he sees the LOUD above the GAM and with chances of winning the Fnatic.

LOUD Redbert
Photo: Reproduction/Social
Sergio FioriniSergio Fiorini
published in April 22, 2024

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