A LOUD qualified for your 4th consecutive final in this CBLOL 2024. Verduxa will also face, for the fourth time in a row, paiN Gamingand if they win, they can historically surpass the Traditional team.

LOUD can surpass paiN with 8 years less scenario

Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

Currently, the LOUD is already the team with more title and Era of Franchiseswinning the last three finals do CBLOLconsecutively.

On account of the recent titles, a Verduxa already tied with paiN Gaming em glasseseven LOUD having only participated in the Brazilian LoL Championship for 3 years, and the Traditionalon the other hand, having 12 years of history in the competition.

Image to represent the final between paiN and LOUD at CBLOL 2023
(Photo: Disclosure/CBLOL)

They are three titles for each organization, and now if the script continues as in recent years, the LOUD may end up surpassing the team Traditional in record time, and with 8 less years of existence.

Looking to tie with KaBuM?

The team that wins the final draws with the Kaboom such as second organization that won the most titles, with four CBLOL titles.

Currently, the team that has the most titles is INTZcom 5 trophies from CBLOL!

INTZ champion CBLoL
INTZ won the CBLoL 2020 title 3×1 over paiN Gaming (Photo: Riot Games/Reproduction)

CBLOL 2024 Grand Final

A CBLOL 2024 Grand Final happens on this day April 20thto the 13 hours. The team that is victorious in the series will not only conquer Brazil, but will also have the responsibility of representing CBLOL on the international stage of the MSI 2024which will take place in China!

The CBLOL champion will face an LPL or LCK team in the tournament.

Image of the new CBLOL 2024 trophy
(Photo: Disclosure/CBLOL)
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published in April 15, 2024

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