The eleventh round of the CBLOL 2024 1° split happened this Saturday (24) and brought new leaders to the table and the return of Verduxa! After losing three times in a row, the LOUD wreaths and paiN it’s at I live Keyd Stars reaches the leadership and got pentakill from Makes, guaranteeing the 3rd victory in a row Liberty!

Results of the 11th round of CBLOL 2024

  • LOUD 1 x 0 paiN Gaming
  • Procuracy 1 x 0 Kaboom
  • Flow 0 x 1 LOS
  • RED 1 x 0 INTZ
  • Liberty 1 x 0 FURY

CBLOL 2024 11th round statistics

published in February 24, 2024


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