After the tenth round of CBLOL 2024, the More Esports interviewed the ADC and paiN Gaming, TitaN! Since the player arrived, the Traditional has been accumulating 2×0 sequencesand in this round, paiN is in leadership of the competition! Check out the interview:

How do you feel this first round has been so far, TitaN?

I think everyone is feeling really good, I mainly think I was very disappointed with my individual performance. I think I’ve already improved this and I’m still improving even more. I think looking at this evolution like this is what makes me most comfortable. Because I’m seeing progress little by little, I’m very happy.

Do you think the beginning was difficult due to discomfort or was it just a period of adaptation to the team?

I think it was a bit of both, I think I needed to adapt a little to them too and show my points, the strong and the weak, then what needed to improve also with what they needed, and I think things They came together very quickly. I think we understood that we are very strong as a group and that we can also be aggressive while at the same time having a more controlled game. For example, I think we have the best fight in the Dragons, in my opinion.

How is it playing with Cariok? Throughout paiN’s career in the franchises, he was the one who suffered the most criticism, but he was also well praised in good times. How is it?

Cacá (Cariok) surprised me very positively and I didn’t have as good a view of him as people told me, but Xero told me that he was a wonderful player, that he really wanted me to see that in him. As time went by, he is a good-hearted person, you know? When you feel like you’re a very good person who always wants team chemistry to be good, it seems like you’ll always get along well with him.

Do you think that the fact that you share the calling responsibility with him has helped him play better?

I think he’s definitely talked about this with me. I think I took a huge weight off his shoulders and I think everyone is on the same page. Dynquedo is also organizing the team a lot and I think Dynkas deserves this positive point too, because looking at the results, he also deserves merit. And man, I think the set is really good.

Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

There was a lot of talk about Cariok “living” in the bot, but in the statics he has the second smallest proximity to Jungler with the bot at 15 minutes. Any comments about?

People have a lot of visual memory, and that speaks louder than them actually looking at the situation there. Cariok is there in moments when I really need it, or when I’m going to suffer something, or we’re going to need it to play together. I think he’s always at the right time, it’s not a question of him always being there for the bot. People see this because he’s in Maokai, throwing chips there, looking at it, and man: this should be common. The ADC will always be helped in this way.

And regarding the favoritism that the community places on you, do you agree? Are they favorites? And do you think this possible favoritism is due to the arrival of the “Xesquedele personality”?

Firstly, let’s talk about personality: I think it’s definitely helping me a lot, regardless of everything, I tried to convey this in the best way possible to them, and I believe that because I’m this more aggressive player it’s also a stop that already triggers everyone world. Because, for example, I don’t let the game be standardized – I really want to go a little beyond the limit – so this is making a difference in winning every game.

And man, this situation (of favoritism) is a little difficult to talk about because LOUD always had her setbacks, but she always came back. So I think we have to take it easy, keep our feet on the ground and look more at our evolution process.

To conclude: TF (Twisted Fate) is appearing and being talked about a lot, after his appearances at the top and even appearing as an ADC in the LCK. What do you think of the doll and would you play with it?

Man, his Win Rate is very high, especially in Korea, so I think we have to look and test it, but I don’t know if we would use it in CBLOL. I don’t know if it would go so well, because we have to understand the purpose.

For example, there are a lot of people who take it just for the sake of it, like: Smolder has people who don’t even understand the doll’s power spike, the timing he needs to be in, today (19/02) for example: Smolder had 172 stacks at 22 minutes, that doesn’t exist, it was supposed to have at least 200.

So people need to study more, they need to better close the composition around him and see who he really is as a strong champion as the compositions develop.

In the photo Twisted Fate, who has been dominating three lanes
(Image: Reproduction/ Riot Games)

Since you mentioned Smolder: do you think it’s Quick Foot or Meteor for him?

I think it will depend on the lane, for example: if you are against a bully lane, like Caitlyn and Lux, which I think is unlikely, you need Foot Agility to have Sustain. And he’s a champion that has a lot of variables, you can go from Doran’s Ring and Foot Agility, it’s not mandatory to choose Comet because he started with AP, you know?

Image of titan at paiN Gaming at CBLOL 2024
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

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