This week, a case involving the behind-the-scenes of the League of Legends transfer window in Brazil had a huge impact on the community. Ceosconsidered the best support in Brazil, remains an obstacle in negotiating its renewal with LOUDit’s at KaBuM is interested in signing him.

Not so much, KaBuM of the ninjas was accused of “Grooming”it’s at LOUD reported the case to Riot. Next, we will explain everything that is happening in another “soap opera” on the Brazilian scene.

What is there between LOUD, Kabum and Ceos?

In recent weeks, the LOUD e Ceos They are talking about renewing their contract for next season, but are facing obstacles in relation to some of the player’s requests.

Because of this, Kabum appeared interested in signing the player and intends to make him the highest paid athlete in the leagueaccording to the investigation of the More Esports. It is worth remembering that Ceos has played for KaBuM in the past and became Brazilian champion with the team.

Controversial interview with one of the owners of LOUD

The situation began to have critical developments when Jean Ortega, founder of LOUD, gave an enigmatic interview to the Ilha das Lendas page. In his answers, he talked about the transfer window and always responded with the phrase “of 2x”.

Initially the answers didn’t make much sense, which generated doubts in the community, especially when well-known names started to comment on, as was the case with Revolta, a former professional player.

Soon, several rumors emerged that “ta 2x” could be a reference to Tata Wuan architect who not only designed several Gaming Houses for Brazilian organizations, but is also a friend of players, including Ceos.

Tata even accompanied the LOUD team on the trip to South Korea during the Worlds 2023, the LoL world championship.

Tata Wu, accused of grooming, with the Brazilian trio from LOUD in the final of the CBLOL 2023 2nd Split.

LOUD reports Kabum for Poaching for Riot Games

Everything was still a little confusing for the community, until the GE Esports website published an investigation showing that the LOUD made a formal complaint against KaBuMaccusing the organization of Poaching through architect Tata Wu.

The complaint was also investigated by Mais Esports. In the last monthly meeting of the CBLOL teams with Riot, discussions would have become heated over the issue. The developer is now investigating the case and is expected to make a decision in the coming weeks.

What is Poaching and how does the rule work in CBLOL?

Poaching or Enticement is when a third party or member of an organization makes an offer to a player who has a valid contract with another team. Direct conversations between the interested organization and the player under contract can only happen if the player’s organization clears him to do so.

10.2.12 Grooming

No team member or affiliate of a team may solicit, or make an offer of employment to, a member of another team competing in the 2022 Season, or encourage a member of a team to terminate their contract with their current team.

In Brazil, cases like this have already happened in the past, being the most emblematic in the negotiation of Loop for paiN, in 2016. At that time, Tradicionais needed to play with the streamer Picoca as support for punishment.

Beyond, esA, was the precursor of the rule. It was created after the player was recruited by the Keyd Starswho wanted to take him into their squad while he still had a contract with KaBuM.

Tata Wu speaks out on LOUD’s accusations

In a note to GE, architect Tata Wu denied all accusations made by LOUD about the possible enticement of Ceos. In the message, she emphasizes that she never received money from the athletes

She also commented that she only has a close relationship with the players, due to their distance from their families and that she never represented KaBuM in a possible negotiation for Ceos. Tata also says that support would never talk to another team without authorization from LOUD.

Note from Tata Wu in full:

At no point did KaBuM ask me to mediate or approach the player, especially because he would not accept speaking to any organizations without the release of the current

So, let’s go in parts, I’ve had an architecture office for 20 years. My livelihood and earnings come from this. I am not part of any organization, I do not have an agency and I make it clear that I have never received even a single dollar for any type of help to a player. No player “gives” me money.

All the trips I took to watch the games were paid for by me, I don’t need anyone to pay for my trips.

My involvement in the gaming world was something that was far outside of my professional world, other projects, other visions, which enchanted me. At the same time, it worried me to see so many children missing their home and family and to see them always eating “junk food”. The lack of family members made me get closer to each one of them, after all, I’m old enough to be the mother of a good number of them. Just for the record, I know practically all of the players’ parents and I’ve always had a great relationship.

The care I always took was from knowing if he was eating properly to monitoring him in hospitals. The “lunches” and “dinners” used maliciously in the aforementioned contexts were a way of taking care of this part.

Many became friends, some I had more contact with others less, however, always respectful and always wishing the best for each individual.

As a friend, I can and have always been given the freedom to express my opinion and I have always done so.

I’m very sad to be experiencing this whole situation right now, especially the evil it carries. I always followed the team and crossed the ocean with my money to support and wish them all the best. This rain of hate and evil does not match reality, and I don’t really know what the real intention behind it all is. I was going to refrain from all this gratuitous hate, but I couldn’t help but come and give satisfaction to the people who don’t know me and be judged by a distorted version of the facts.

Conclusion of the case between Ceos, LOUD and KaBuM

So far, Riot has not yet commented on the case or even on the complaint made by LOUD. It is worth noting that, if it is proven that Ceos were recruited by KaBuM, different punishments may be applied to the organization and even to the player, depending on the level of involvement he had with the case.

O More SportWe will update this article as new updates appear.

Ceos image at MSI 2023
Ceos, LOUD support (Image: Disclosure/LoL Esports)


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