At the end of 2023, the website GE Esports brought to light that LOUD reported KaBuM to Riot Games, accusing it of alleged player grooming Ceos, at the time LOUD support. Now, the same website has revealed that the Riot Games concluded the investigation and cleared the ninja team of the accusation.

Riot clears KaBuM of LOUD accusations

According to the investigation by journalist Gabriel Oliveira, Riot Games concluded the investigation shortly before CBLOL 2024 began and found no irregularities in the transfer of Ceos from LOUD to KABuM.

It is worth remembering that all movements in the transfer window require approval from the publisher, so many expected that no sign of solicitation had been found, as the company did not speak out and allow the Ceos to play in the tournament.

(Image: Disclosure/CBLOL)

Manifestation of the parties involved

To GE, Riot and LOUD did not comment on the news. Architect Tata Wu, accused of being the person who enticed Ceos, highlighted to the report that she “expected nothing different from this”.

I didn’t expect anything different from that. After all, I don’t work for any organization and I’ve never received anything for being a friend.

Danilo Geraldi, Head of esports at KaBuM, gave an exclusive interview to More Esports in January and had spoken briefly about it.

We even found it strange that we didn’t understand some things that happened there, but I think that the most serious and bureaucratic part has already been evaluated by those who needed it, so the answer is already given, he is signed up and scheduled.

LOUD CEO teased KaBuM after CBLOL debut

During the CBLOL 2024 1st split, LOUD ran over KaBuM in the championship’s debut and Jean, CEO of the Esmeraldinos, even provoked the ninjas with the following tweet:

I’m already seeing today’s kbm dps trying to entice the rest of the players in the next window

CBLOL 2024 continues with the two teams tied in the table

CBLOL heads into its third week and KaBuM and LOUD are tied with three wins and one loss each.

Follow the complete coverage of CBLOL 2024 with game calendar, table, results and other information here on More Esports.

In the photo, CBLOL fans
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr
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