The transfer window in Brazil is coming to an end. The teams are already announcing their new players and also those who left the team for the next season. CBLOL 2024 1st Split.

Last Monday night (04), the Intrépidos made official the stay of two players from the squad that made history in the second stage of the CBLOL. Yampi e NinjaKiwiwho were doubts for much of the transfer window, remain in the organization.

In addition to the duo, INTZ also confirmed that Aoshi e Strazzi will remain in charge of the team for another two years. Regarding the players, the Intrépidos did not specify the new contract period.


INTZ in the CBLOL 2024 1st Split transfer window

The Intrepids’ off-season was extremely turbulent. They put themselves in good situations, but were unable to take advantage of these spaces to put together the team that the fans really wanted.

They have been at the forefront for a long time to bring Envybut they saw the player opt for LOS, and, without him, Shiny, the team’s idol, chose not to return to competition. In addition to the duo, Damage, Redbert e Tay they were also desired names.

See below the latest news about the Transfer Window:

Luis Santana
published in December 5, 2023


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