After the overwhelming victory of LOUD on top of RED 3-0 in the playoffs CBLOL 2024o top-laner Robo told in an exclusive interview with More Esports about the victory and also about the next confrontation. Check out the full interview here:

Robo, did you expect it to be such a calm series for LOUD? Like, it was a 3-0 win, what were your expectations for the series?

I don’t think it was as easy as I expected. I thought it would be a little calmer, to be honest, I think they did well in the early game, especially on the topside. I think I had difficulty in game two, a lot of difficulty, but I knew that if we played our game we would be able to win 3-0. And we managed to show just a little bit of our level, we haven’t shown much yet. .

Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

What happens to your team that, every time you get to the playoffs, you become a machine?

I think we have a lot of knowledge of the game and a lot of experience, which is what counts a lot in the playoffs. These are games with fewer kills, so you need to have better knowledge of wave control, objective control and the like. So I think we are very strong because of that.

Kalec said at the press conference that you surpassed them in every aspect, right, so do you think it was more or less that?

Yeah, I think that’s what I said: we’re very experienced, so we understand a lot about the game too. We have a coach who is also very strong in knowledge, so the game was very dominant on our part.

Robo, in my opinion, you had three better drafts in the series. Do you agree with this? And I wanted to know if you think Red had a bit of a misreading of the meta.

I think with their drafts you could win every game, honestly. I think they did well, only in the last game I found it a little strange because it was Seraphine in the bot, I think with the composition they had it didn’t make much sense in my head, but I think they managed to come out really strong. Otherwise, I think the draft was very similar for both teams, regardless of the picks we had, I think we would be able to beat them on both sides.

LOUD Robo in an interview with Mais Esports
Photo: Reproduction/LoL Esports

I think Voli(bear) is a bit of a joke, but you caught a Voli early there. Was he Flex or do you at LOUD really like the doll?

I can’t say if he’s Flex or not, but he’s a champion who’s very strong in the early game. He could have appeared top, he took Renekton which is also a good lane for Voli, so I could have played. It wasn’t this time, but who knows, maybe next time.

Before this weekend, a lot of people were thinking that the only team that had the chance to stop you was Red and it was a disaster. Robo, is there anyone who can stop the LOUD?

Man, I hope not, but now paiN is our next opponent. So we have to be careful with them, as they have been biting us for a long time, both the players, the organization, and the fans. Everyone wants to destroy us, so we have to be very careful because they are dangerous too.

In the photo, Tin and Robo, leaders of CBLOL 2024 in the 6th round
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

Robo, were you always paiN and LOUD?

Yeah, in the end… it’s standard, right? Do what?

paiN finished very poorly in the playoff, they were more or less against KaBuM, they won and improved, managing to do well against Keyd. Do you expect them to be even better next week?

Ah, I think they come differently, I think they will have specific preparation to play against us. I don’t think they will repeat what they did because otherwise it will be very difficult for them to win, so we have to be prepared and we know that they have great players as well individually speaking. It’s about being careful and playing our game that we can win.

Image of LOUD player Robo at LoL Worlds 2023


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