A LOUD was the grand champion of the first split of the CBLOL 2024, after beating paiN Gaming 3×2 in a phenomenal series! In the post-series press conference, support Redbertsaid that Route It was the best ADC who I play with!

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“Route is the best ADC I’ve played with” says LOUD Redbert

O More Esports asked how much Redbert expects to perform out there alongside Route, after all he has been several ADC’s, so what are the expectations? Check out the player’s response:

I think this time, he’s probably the best ADC I’ve ever played with, so I hope I can perform well out there and evolve between training time and championship time, because the last times I went it wasn’t so great. for me. This time I want to make it count.

LOUD Redbert e LOUD Route
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Which ADCs has Redbert played with other than Route?

Fora o Route, Redbert was also champion supporting the Absolut, Micão It’s from Mills. In addition to these, current support from LOUD already paired with Neptune, RAV3N, Know, Wheat, WhiteLotus, Steal, Lusk, DudsTheBoy e PBO.

In the photo, Brazilian representatives at MSI
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

LOUD Redbert cita ajuda do Stardust

At the press conference they also asked how much the staff helped Redbert, check out the player’s speech:

I think the support from the staff, in general: coach, psychologist, analyst, has always been very supportive. In the last four weeks of training, every time before starting (the training), Stardust made a point of talking to me and telling me what points I should pay attention to in training and I think that helped me a lot to improve. Especially now in the final, having this focus on Tempo, warding at the front, so it was essential.

LOUD Redbert
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

In the same press conference: Stardust, Tinowns e Robo They commented on the controversy that happened in the middle of the split, regarding the locker room fight. Redbert himself commented on the provocations from the paiN fans.

Repercussions of the CBLOL 2024 1st split grand final

With the title, LOUD becomes the first Brazilian team to win the CBLOL four times in a row, tying with KaBuM and passing paiN itself. Robo, LOUD’s top laner, became the Brazilian player with the most titles in the tournament’s history, reaching his sixth trophy and brTT commented on the feat!

Now LOUD is qualified for MSI 2024, but it has a tough time right from the start of the tournament, as it will face Top Esports, of Meiko, JackeyLove and others. By the way, Robo told the press conference that he sees the LOUD above the GAM and with chances of winning the Fnatic.

Watch the full post-title LOUD press conference on our channel below:

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