What the community asked for has finally happened! The streamer Bahia, with the team Island of Legends, got the broadcasting rights CBLOL 2024 1° split with images. Watch the announcement video:

Baiano has been broadcasting CBLOL in the “battery radio” style for years, and in 2023 he set up the ‘Ilha das Lendas” team to make the broadcast even more dynamic and with greater diversity of content.

Other content creators will also be able to stream CBLOL 2024

In addition to Baiano, it was announced that streamers Absolutely, Kennzy and the project Revelah Casters will also have rights to broadcast the competition. All teams in CBLOL can do Watch Parties with its influencers, in addition to the foreign commentator LS and transmission of CBLOL em English.

Baiano made history broadcasting MSI and Worlds 2023

No MSI 2023 Riot Games released the rights to broadcast images from the tournament and Baiano made history, having the most watched co-stream in the world.

Despite not having obtained the rights to CBLOL 2023 2nd split, Baiano, together with Ilha das Lendas, was one of the streamers to broadcast the Worlds 2023, the LoL world championship, with the right to broadcast directly from the Final location, in South Korea. Once again he was one of the most watched streamers in the world.

(Image: Disclosure/CBOLÃO)

When does CBLOL start?

CBLOL 2024 1st split starts on January 20th with the LOUD vs KaBuM clash. On the same day, FURIA faces Fluxo, a team that has several former FURIA.

Follow the complete coverage of CBLOL 2024 1st split with game calendar, results, table, teams and other information here on More Esports!

Image of the trophy to illustrate the article about when CBLOL 2024 starts
(Image: Disclosure/Riot Games)

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