A RED Canids will bring an almost complete overhaul to its cast of CBLOL Academy 2023 2º Split. With an early drop in the tournament playoffs, the team will undergo big changes.

O More Esports found out that Matilha will keep only Doom, the team’s jungle for the next stage of the competition. apart from him, Aithusa, Soweto, Morttheus, Scamber e beta32 do not follow with the organization.

Playback/Riot Games

Final of CBLOL Academy 2023 2nd Split

The grand final of the Brazilian League of Legends youth tournament is set. With the clean victory by 3-0 against paiNa Kaboom confirmed its presence in the decision and will dispute the title against Libertywho reached the finals in the upper bracket of the playoffs.

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What does RED Canids say?

We approached RED Canids, but the organization chose not to comment on the subject of the article.

Luis Santana
published in September 1, 2023edited 3 days ago

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