The transfer window is on fire and the RED Canids is busy looking to replace TitaNwho is leaving the organization after 5 years defending the colors of the Pack.

O More Esports found that the team entered into an agreement to pay the fine Goal. Furthermore, conversations between the player and RED are advanced and an agreement is on the way to the next stage of the competition.

Now, Matilha plans to define TitaN’s fate, with two organizations seeking to hire him: paiN and Kabum. For Brance’s place, Fluxo wants and is already negotiating with LOS to hire Neptune.

Brance no Fluxo

As previously established, the young ADC wishes to leave Fluxo in this transfer window and his request was granted. The organization will pocket a considerable amount for the player’s fine, although not in full.

Brance had a meteoric rise in LOUDwas champion and starred in an iconic scene at Worlds 2022. Upon returning to Brazil, he chose to join Fluxo, but ended up placing sixth in both stages with the organization.

What does RED Canids say?

When contacted by the report, the organization says it has nothing to comment on the content in this article.

(Photo: Disclosure/CBLOL)
Luis Santana
published in October 1, 2023edited a day ago


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