This Monday morning, two days after another runner-up for paiN against LOUD, Tradicionais fans uploaded a hashtag in the trending topics on Twitter.

The message is from Stay Cariokafter a sequence of messages from the cast players in a farewell tone, mainly from DyNquedothe team’s mid laner. Cario also spoke out, but focused more on his own performance.

How was the final between paiN and LOUD at CBLOL 2023

For the third time in a row, paiN e LOUD they faced each other in the CBLOL grand final, and again LOUD won, this time by 3-1. The title was a historic milestone for the Esmeraldinos, who became the first team in Brazil to win the tournament three times in a row and tied with PaiN in the number of titles. paiN players spoke out on social media after yet another runner-up.

The championship also marked the players’ individual achievements. Robo became the player with the most CBLOL titles, tied with brTT. During the press conference and also in an interview on stage, tinowns stated that LOUD is the best team Brazil has ever had. The CBLOL final had a peak of 329 thousand viewers.

LOUD no Worlds 2023

Now, LOUD will represent Brazil at Worlds 2023, the LoL world championship, and has already confirmed that it will hold a bootcamp for the tournament. The Brazilian team will have its first clash against Gigabyte Marines, champion of Vietnam and is in the same bracket as Rainbow7 e PSG Talon.

Croc, during the press conference, commented that he wanted revenge against PSG. The community also reacted to the draw for the Brazilian team in the LoL World Cup.

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