The movements of the transfer window for the CBLOL 2024 are increasingly agitated. A INTZ is looking for a possible replacement in case one of its main players of the season leaves.

INTZ in the CBLOL Transfer Window

O More Esports found that the organization is in advanced conversations with Morttheus to potentially replace NinjaKiwi. However, the negotiation will only happen if the current ADC, who is in renewal talks, does not extend his contract with the Intrepids.

Today, in addition to Morttheus, INTZ works with the names of Shiny e Tayalso in case of not being able to renew with your two other players, Yampi e zzK.

The team also consulted Envy, Grevthar e Wheatbut all in the same “Plan B” situation, if the team does not renew with the current line-up.

The support Nia He is one of the players the organization most wants to keep for the next stage.

Reproduction/Riot Games

Morttheus at CBLOL Academy

The young talent started his career at RED Canids and only played for Matilha until the end of his contract recently. Their greatest achievement was reaching runner-up in the CBLOL Academy, when they ended up defeated by paiN Gaming.

In the last split, Morttheus was considered to take Julieta’s position at Liberty, but the negotiation did not go ahead and he ended up remaining in the Pack.

CBLOL transfer window spreadsheet

This and other information was released exclusively during a live assembly of the spreadsheet with the CBLOL 2024 1st Split casts. See all the movement articles below!

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Luis Santana
published in November 10, 2023edited a day ago


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