The transfer window CBLOL 2024 1st Split It’s more agitated than ever. Teams are looking to improve their squads for the next competitive season of League of Legends.

The Intrépidos announced the departure of two players from their team. Zzk e Nia They are no longer part of the organization, they stayed in Brazil for two seasons and were in INTZ’s best campaign since the arrival of the franchises in the CBLOL

In the transfer window, INTZ talks to some names, such as Tay and Shini, idols of the organization and multiple champions with the team. On the other hand, Envyanother old acquaintance, is also of interest.

CBLOL transfer window spreadsheet

Check out other information that was released exclusively during a live assembly of the spreadsheet with the CBLOL 2024 1st Split casts. See all the movement articles below!

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published in November 22, 2023edited 9 hours ago


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