After the 3-0 loss to LOUD in the CBLOL 2023 2nd Split playoffs, players from paiN did not speak to the press or comment on social media during the first hours after the setback. On the morning of this Monday (21), Cario K was the first member of the organization to explain himself to the crowd.

In the post, the player reiterates that he understands the frustration and anger, but guarantees a focused team for the next weekend and the desire to go to Recife “to set things right”.

I understand the frustration, anger and disappointment, this feeling is also present in us, but there is no time to be like this, we have to focus on the next series because we want to go to Recife to settle things. Sorry for the bad series and thanks for the fans

paiN Gaming can still reach the final of CBLOL 2023 2nd Split

Even with the defeat, the Traditionals are still alive in the tournament. That’s because now they were allocated in the lower bracket, along with INTZ e RED Canids. PaiN’s opponent will even leave this first confrontation.

Matilha and Intrépidos face each other on Saturday (26), and, on Sunday (27), the winner of the match decides the last finalist against Tradicionais.

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Luis Santana
published in August 21, 2023edited 2 days ago


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