There are many heated debates on social media about the arrival of Call of Duty ao Game Pass — after all, that’s the least fans expect after Microsoft’s billion-dollar acquisition of Actvision. Well, it seems that this expectation will be met in some way.

According to information from the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft will announce, during the company’s showcase scheduled for June 9th, that Call of Duty will come to Xbox Game Pass.

“Microsoft plans a major change in its video game sales strategy and intends to release the next Call of Duty on its subscription service, rather than the long-standing and profitable approach of selling it only à la carte,” the US outlet said based on its sources.

Call of Duty could arrive on Xbox Game Pass in June, according to the Wall Street Journal.Fonte:  Activision

At the beginning of May, the The Verge also reported based on its sources that Microsoft was internally debating whether to release Call of Duty no Game Passas this strategy could considerably harm the revenue generated by the game.

The report from the Wall Street Journal It’s unclear whether Microsoft plans to charge extra for the Call of Duty on Game Pass, nor if the company intends to increase the subscription price in any way.

Xbox president confirms that Game Pass will continue to receive major titles from the house

In an interview with Bloombergin which many topics were discussed, Sarah Bond, president of Xbox, reaffirmed the North American giant’s commitment to launching the house’s titles on the subscription service — including games from Activision, owner of the Call of Duty franchise.

“We know our core users love Game Pass, which is a gaming subscription where you get a full portfolio, but most importantly, you get every single game we created day one on Game Pass. And the quality and breadth of them has only increased over time. You will see more really big titles coming to Game Pass later this year”, explained the executive in the interview.

Bond was then asked by the journalist whether these “great games” also include the Activision catalog — and she replied yes. “You’re going to see some really amazing things. And keeping this something really special for Xbox gamers is key for us.”

Call of Duty’s arrival on Game Pass has not been made official

While the news is encouraging for fans of Call of Duty, consider that nothing has been officially confirmed by Microsoft, ok? Therefore, Treat the text with caution so as not to frustrate expectations!

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