Games have become increasingly complex and demanding even more time from the schedule of those who like video games — well, at least most of them. In an era where the big AAAs dominate the market, it seems that many are trying to escape these experiences and bet on less complex games to pass the time.

A good alternative to circumvent this saturated recipe for big games on the market are Idle Games. This genre is gaining more and more space on the smartphones and PCs of gamers, especially on Steam, with games like Banana.

O Voxel has prepared a list full of good Idle Games for you to enjoy in your free time — or even at work. But first, understand below what this type of experience is all about, which has been winning over more and more enthusiasts!

What are Idle Games?

Idle Games, also known as idle or incremental games, are a genre characterized by progression mechanics that require little active interaction on the part of players.

This type of experience often involves repetitive actions that generate resources or points over time, even when the player is not actively playing. The main objective of Idle Games is to accumulate and optimize these resources to reach higher levels — in addition to unlocking new content.

Idle Games is a game genre that requires little interaction from the player.Fonte:  Voxel

Another strong characteristic of Idle Games is the simple and addictive experience that this type of game provides — the player starts with a basic action that generates resources, such as clicking a button or collecting items, for example.

As you accumulate more and more resources, you can invest in upgrades or automations that allow the game to continue progressing with less and less intervention.

Idle Games are popular for a number of reasons, but mainly because they are accessible and easy to understand. Furthermore, the format allows players to progress at their own pace, without the need for long gaming sessions.

The genre also offers a rewarding sense of growth and continual progress — which can be very satisfying for some.

5 great free Idle Games to play on PC

O Voxel separated one unmissable list with five great free Idle Games to play on PC. Check out the names below!

5. Firestone: Online Idle RPG

Firestone: Online Idle RPG is an idle battle game that puts control of the unbridled action in the hands of players. Here, you can send your heroes to battle automatically while admiring the visuals of fantasy combat — or simply click non-stop to defeat some monstrous bosses out there.

It is also possible to collect a list of heroes, improve various skills and equipment, chat with friends in the guild and even dive into a war of machines through intense PvP.

4. Clicker Heroes

Em Clicker Heroes You can hire up to 35 unique heroes to help you deal damage without having to click. The game features some legendary figures from myth and legend, such as Athena, Amenhotep, King Midas and many others. They will all lend their powers to your cause — but for a price.

Here, your heroes will automatically fight monsters and collect gold while you’re away, even if the game is closed. But don’t forget to come back and spend all that hard-earned cash on new heroes and upgrades!

3. Idle Fishing

Do you like fishing-style experiences? Know that Idle Fishing is a casual Idle Game where you command your own boat, catch fish and accumulate coins even when you are away. Very convenient, isn’t it?

Here, players will be able to upgrade the speed and capacity of their boat, as well as hire crew members with exclusive bonuses and much more. In addition, you will also be able to discover new fishing spots, build facilities and customize the appearance of your boat.

2. AdVenture Capitalist

Overthrow the means of production or join them in AdVenture Capitalist, considered the largest capitalism simulator in the world. Here, you start with a humble lemonade stand, but you can evolve to the point of setting up a mega operation.

Grow your business and hire a manager to keep making money while you’re away. It’s possible to make ridiculous amounts of money, diversify your investments, and attract sycophantic investors to boost your business. Of course, spend it however you want later!

1. Banana

Banana is available to play for free on Steam.Banana is available to play for free on Steam.Source: Steam

Banana is a free game to enjoy on Steam and the premise of its gameplay is, let’s say, somewhat curious. Here, players will do nothing other than click on the image of a banana.

There is a counter that every three and 18 hours, if you have the game open and have clicked at least once, will place the image of a random banana in your Steam inventory — which can then be sold on the platform’s market.

Every three hours you get a “common” banana and every 18 hours you get a supposedly “rare” banana. The game is one of the most played on Steam currently — so it’s worth checking it out!

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