During the last Intel Garage, Avell was present with its powerful new notebooks from the Storm Go line. Equipped with the 13th Generation of Azul Team Processors, Alder Lake, the models represent the high performance power of the national giant in the portable computer sector, which continues to grow in the post-pandemic market.

On the same occasion, the Voxel interviewed the CEO and Founder of Avell, Emerson Salomão, to talk about the company’s participation in the national market, its plans and more news. Check out!

Hardware portability in the Brazilian market

In a constant process of digitalization, the Brazilian market follows international trends at its own pace. With new requirements, many professional areas began to require the use of powerful equipment in their daily lives, such as Architecture and Dentistry, for example, which implemented modeling and rendering software in their operational flow.

Faced with the diverse demands and difficulties in maintaining a traditional desktop, including technical support for lay consumers, high-performance notebooks gained prominence for their practicality — in addition to its portability.

However, even with the advancement of new processors and video cards, the performance of desktops can still have a certain advantage over notebooks. To mitigate the distance, some companies adopt external solutions, such as eGPUs, which allow complete components to be adapted into portable machines — albeit with some loss of power.

eGPUs are expensive alternatives, requiring a GPU and external mounting. Source: Razer

In this context, Voxel asked how Avell approaches expansion possibilities in its notebooks, as some users may require even more performance. Although its most complete models have Thunderbolt 4 inputs, which enable expansion via e-GPus, the company is going beyond the conventional:

“We have a product called Ice Mod, in the Storm Go Line, which allows water cooling [nos modelos compatíveis],” contextualizes the CEO, “These notebooks are air-cooled, but if you use the Ice Mod, they are also water-cooled and This reduces their temperature by up to 10 °C, in addition to making them quieter. But this is not necessarily a product for those looking for greater portability,” explains Emerson.

ice mod avellIce Mod requires only distilled water to deliver improvements in the temperature and acoustics of Avell notebooks.

According to the CEO of Avell, This solution is recommended for users looking for a compromise between performance and portability. When necessary, it is possible to equip the accessory to extract maximum power from the configuration, without temperature bottlenecks — yet still with the versatility of a lightweight chassis.

For Emerson, on the other hand, solutions such as eGPUs may not be attractive to all consumers: “in the end, the user must evaluate whether it is more advantageous to opt for a simple model and equip it with accessories like this, or to bet on a notebook already complete and thin, which will avoid problems.”

Importance of the Brazilian market for Avell

Speaking a little about the relevance of the national market for Avell, Emerson commented on the company’s advances: “today, Avell is a nationally recognized brand, with all possible qualities,” states, “Our factory in Manaus, for example, has ISO 9001 and ISO 14000, fulfilling important quality requirements. Therefore, our rate of defects and manufacturing problems is very lowbut we still invest a lot in support and technical assistance.”

AvellAvell Storm line notebooks.

He continues: “In the last two years, we have greatly increased production [de eletrônicos]and we had to readjust everything, restructure to have the appropriate quality profile in support and technical assistance — we felt the growing pains, so to speak,” the CEO shares.”We position ourselves among the brands that sell the most high-performance notebooks in Brazil, being the only national one, competing with giant multinationals. This makes us very proud of the brand and the support we are able to offer,” concludes Emerson.

What are the next challenges and news for Avell in Brazil?

To conclude, the Voxel asked for some spoilers of what Avell is preparing for the coming months. Emerson states: “Still we are developing new features with the Meteor Lake lineI know they [os processadores] will be a revolution, which will work with Artificial Intelligence — something that we have already implemented in Avell notebooks”, he points out, “in addition, we will launch new Avell brand accessories, such as mice, headphones and backpacks.”

Avell’s CEO also comments that the resumption of accessory production was something that the company had long anticipatedsince its factory change and focus on notebook manufacturing.

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Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/273015-avell-fala-alto-desempenho-presenca-mercado-nacional.htm

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