One of the highlights of last month’s State of Play was, without a doubt, the franchise’s new adventure. Astrobot — an exclusive platform game for PlayStation. Developed by Team Asobi, the title will have more than 80 “exciting and diverse” worlds.

The announcement trailer showed gameplay in several different universes, as well as several bosses, apparently challenging stages in the best style Astro Bot and a series of references to the great PlayStation classics — such as God of War, Uncharted, Shadow of the Colossus, Bloodborne and much more. Check out:

What will Astrobot gameplay be like?

In New Astro Bot, players will be able to explore six galaxies and more than 80 levels in search of the scattered crew of the little PlayStation robot. Furthermore, it will be possible to use the DualSpeeder (the DualSense that has become a kind of spaceship) to travel from one point to another and use more than 15 new unmissable skills.

Among the many new powers you will find Barkster, the Bulldog who appears in the trailer and allows you to attack and smash enemies, metal and glass. There is also the Twin-Frog Gloves, which can deliver long-range punches, and the Giant Sponge, which makes the small robot gigantic to cause massive destruction in the stages.

The new Astro Bot will have numerous references to Sony franchises, such as God of War, for example.Source: PS Store

Voxel has already managed to play a demo of Astro Bot, which promises to deliver a cutting-edge platforming experience. The game fits into the Collectathon genre, bringing features that will please those who enjoy franchises like Donkey Kong and Super Mario.

In the demo we played of the game, we were able to try out five different stages, which already give us a glimpse of what to expect from the full experience. With a pleasant length, the sessions featured different challenges, as well as a boss with different stages to be defeated.

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During the demonstration provided to Voxel, Astro Bot stood out mainly for its lightness and diversity in gameplay. As defined by Francesco Casagrande, who had access to the game, the title is a good choice for a Sunday afternoon, to relax and rest after games that are heavier in narrative and challenges.

How much does the new Astro Bot cost? When will it be released?

The new Astrobot will be released exclusively for PlayStation 5 on September 6th this year. The title’s pre-sale is now available on the PlayStation Store in two versions: Standard Edition e Digital Deluxe Edition.

Bonus for the Digital Deluxe Edition version of the new Astro Bot on PS5.Bonus for the Digital Deluxe Edition version of the new Astro Bot on PS5.Source: PS Store

Pre-ordering either version also grants you the bonus content “PaRappa Passionate Lyricist Outfit,” “Glorious Graffiti Paint” for the DualSpeeder, and two new Astro avatars for your PSN account. Check out the prices below:

PlayStation Store

  • Astrobot (Standard Edition) R$ 299,90
  • Astro Bot (Digital Deluxe Edition) R$ 349,90
    • Full game;
    • Yharnam Hunter Outfit for Astro;
    • Golden Costume for the Astro;
    • Sonho Neon paint for the DualSpeeder;
    • Champion Gold Paint for the DualSpeeder;
    • 12 PSN avatars;
    • Soundtrack and art gallery.

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