PlayStation showed, on Thursday night (30), a new edition of its digital event: the State of Play. The presentation lasted just over thirty minutes, focusing on games from the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR 2 catalog that arrive later this year. This includes titles from Sony’s own studios and partners, including: Astro Bot, Concord e Monster Hunter: Wilds.

Curious to know what’s new? In the following lines, the Voxel brings a summary of everything that happened in the new edition of State of Play, from PlayStation. Check out:


Produced by Firewalk studio, Concord is a new multiplayer shooter, with extraction mechanics, in development for PlayStation 5 and PC. The game draws inspiration from works like Guardians of the Galaxy and had already been revealed last year, but this time fans were able to check out its gameplay in practice.

It is a first-person shooter, with a 5×5 structure. It attracts attention with its very colorful visuals and characters that have their respective personalities and abilities. The game arrives on August 23rd and pre-orders guarantee access to a Beta in July.

God of War: Ragnarok no PC

As expected, Sony is expanding its PC game catalog with the launch of God of War: Ragnarokwith all the benefits that are expected from the platform, including support for ultrawide monitors, no frame rate lock per second and support for technologies such as NVIDIA DLSS, FSR and XESS.

please note that God of War: Ragnarok was originally released in 2022. The new version will be available from September 19th.

Dynasty Warriors Origins

Announced for PlayStation 5, Dynasty Warriors Origins was revealed during State of Play. The series is known for pitting players against hundreds of enemies simultaneously — a genre that is better known as “musou.”

At this point, the franchise has already celebrated more than 27 years of existence and its most recent release was Dysnasty Warriors 9in 2018. The aim of the launch is to return to the origins of the series, with its hack ‘n’ slash mechanics, and is scheduled for 2025 — with no date revealed yet.

Ballad of Antara

Produced by Tipsworks, Ballad of Antara is a new third-person action RPG coming to PlayStation 5 in 2025. According to a press release, it is also in production for other platforms, which have not yet been specified.

The game takes place in a medieval fantasy world that draws a lot of attention for its visuals. In combat, comparisons with the soulslike genre are inevitable and its protagonist, for some reason, is accompanied by a child who clings to his shoulder.

Marvel Rivals

Success in a recent Beta, Marvel Rivals is a new third-person shooter starring many of the famous comic book publisher’s heroes and villains. It is also focused on multiplayer matches and has been compared a lot to hits like Overwatch e Paladins.

The game had already been revealed for PC, but now NetEase Games has confirmed that Marvel Rivals It also arrives on PlayStation 5. A closed beta is scheduled to take place in July this year.

Where Winds Meet

After a long time without news, Where Winds Meet received a new gameplay trailer during State of Play. The game seems to draw inspiration from Chinese martial arts and delivers a dark world, in which players confront monsters with systems focused on dodging and parrying attacks.

At the moment, all that is known is that the game is in production for PlayStation 5 and does not yet have a release date.

Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 gained new features during State of Play. The game, which is a direct competitor to Diablo, revealed that it will have Early Access at the end of 2024. Furthermore, the trailer confirms support for local cooperative multiplayer and cross-play.

Alien: Rogue Incursion

Fulfilling the gaming quota for virtual reality, Alien: Rogue Incursion got a brief gameplay trailer during State of Play. Its atmosphere is very reminiscent of the acclaimed Alien: Isolation and promises to be a great challenge for horror game enthusiasts.

The game is scheduled for the end of the year and will also arrive on Steam, with no set date yet.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

One of the most anticipated games of the year, Silent Hill 2 got a new gameplay trailer that shows a little more of its setting and characters. The focus this time was much more on combat and the design of several of its iconic creatures.

The release date was also confirmed for October 8th, exclusively for PlayStation 5.

Monster Hunter Wilds

Revealed during The Game Awards, Monster Hunter Wilds won its first gameplay trailer in which it shows not only a big leap in visuals, but also in action and narrative. The video allows you to learn a little about the characters that promise to accompany the player during the journey.

One of the highlights of the sequence are the weather events, which can involve sandstorms in real time. Many elements familiar to fans are also present in the gameplay, so it is expected that Capcom will disclose more about its differences in the coming months. The launch is scheduled for 2025 with versions for PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

Astro Bot

The charismatic little robot from Team Asobi, Astro Bot will get an unprecedented game after the good reception of Astro’s Play Room, which is already pre-installed on the PlayStation 5. You can say that it is practically a sequel to the platform game, but now with a larger scope, including 80 stages, and more fun mechanics.

Just as happens in Astro’s Play Room, the game treats PlayStation brands with great affection thanks to its fun and nostalgic references. The game, which is just called Astro Botarrives exclusively on PlayStation 5 on September 6th.

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