Last Friday (5), Apple surprised by releasing emulators in its application store, the App Store. The change comes after years of banning software that allows, among other things, playing older titles or titles that are not available on modern platforms — a practice popularly known as “retrogaming”.

According to the North American giant, the change is valid internationally, but requires developers to follow “all applicable laws”. In other words, Apple signals that it will ban applications that provide pirated games, even indirectly.

After weeks of bad news for emulation fans, the news is very well received by the niche. With the change in App Store rules, it is expected that some famous Android applications will finally reach iOS — such as PPSSPP, DraStic and My Boy, for example.

The iPhone 15 Pro is capable of running AAA games such as Death Stranding.Fonte:  Apple

Along with the changes regarding emulators, Apple also relaxed certain guidelines involving the so-called “Super Chats”, instant messaging applications with numerous features. An example of these is WeChat, which may have minigames, as long as they are in HTML5 format — that is, no titles running natively on the cell phone.

All these changes may be a consequence of the antitrust process registered by the North American government. In it, the United States accuses Apple of trying to harm Super Chats and cloud gaming platforms — such as Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now, which also recently became allowed on the App Store.

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Technically, iOS has been compatible with some emulators for years. However, installing these applications required unlocking the operating system, using methods that violated the terms of use for Apple devices — simply put: jailbreak. However, in addition to the process putting both user and electronic data at risk, it is not exactly accessible.

In this way, Apple’s change will not only allow players to purchase reliable applications directly from the App Store, but also to enjoy games safely. Additionally, thanks to the company’s standardized hardware, it is likely that many emulators will be optimized to offer a more fluid experience — quite a victory for the community.

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Considering the high performance of the new iPhone 15 Pro, for example, it is inevitable to imagine how it would handle a Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 3 emulator. We just have to wait for more news!

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