Antivirus for gaming: yes, even using the PC gamer only during matches, it is always worth keeping the systems updated. And this includes programs to prevent the action of malware, among other virtual problems.

However, some issues when using applications like this can harm the user’s gameplay, such as background scanning. When activated, depending on the type of antivirus, it can impact performance during matches.

But, this is where some tips come into play, such as disable notifications during matchesin addition to turning on gamer mode, a feature available in some protection modes.

The Premium version of Kaspersky Antivirus increases performance during games. (Source: Getty images/Reproduction)

What is antivirus gamer mode?

When the gamer mode of an antivirus is activated, background scans are momentarily paused, as well as notifications themselves. This way, the player is prevented from being interrupted and having their game impaired.

Generally, When playing, it is common to use full screen mode so that the user has a better experience during the game. In this case, the gamer mode or player mode of the antivirus can be activated.

As an example, let’s use the Kaspersky antivirus and explain how gamer mode works in this type of antivirus for games. To activate it, it’s very simple:

1. First, you need open the main Kaspersky antivirus application window;

2. Then just click on the “Settings” buttonlocated at the bottom of the window.

3. Then, a “Settings” window opens and, in the left part of it, the user needs to Select the “Performance” section;

4. When this section is selected, the window will show Kaspersky antivirus performance settings;

5. Finally, just check the “Use Game Mode” checkbox.

Ready, the antivirus gamer mode is activated. This way, the player can make the most of the games, without notifications that, in addition to being annoying, can distract him during the game. Furthermore, the performance of the equipment is not compromised, as all the focus will be on the game.

After finishing the game, all functionalities return to normal, including the activities of the antivirus itself and the operating system.

Study checks whether antivirus slows down the game

Kaspersky itself led a test to identify the reasons why a gaming PC slows down during games.

To do so, the team behind the study used a gaming PC and tested five different programs. They came to the conclusion that the antivirus itself does not slow down the machinebut some features may impact gameplay, such as notifications, background updates and hard drive checking.

With this context in mind, the company developed the way gamean advantageous factor among antiviruses for gaming.

When this function is activated, features that theoretically slow down the game are momentarily paused. without affecting the safety of the machine, resuming its operation when the match ends.

Benefits of antivirus for games

Antivirus is a software originally created to keep equipment trouble-freesuch as vulnerabilities that serve as a gateway for the action of malicious agents, especially crackers — hackers who take advantage of third parties — and the viruses themselves created to affect systems.

By activating a gaming antivirus on your gaming PC that has been developed with this functionality, you can benefits:

  • Improved performance of your machine during matches.
  • Database update whenever appropriate.
  • Situation detection that could leave your gaming PC vulnerable.

In the case of Kaspersky antivirus, the Premium version presents some extra functions that, in addition to guaranteeing protection, prevent the responsiveness of plays during matches from being compromised. Find out more below.

Extra functions that help the antivirus gamer mode

Other features can also be activated and contribute to the entire process of protecting devices during games. This is the case of Digital Security Suite VPN.

Still using Kaspersky antivirus as an example, this program has the following features that will keep your gaming PC protected:

  • Fast and unlimited VPN.
  • Password manager and secure area.
  • Premium and remote IT support.

In the case of VPN for gaming, this is the sigla para Virtual Private Network, a virtual private network that guarantees the user anonymous browsing. Basically, the feature promotes a secure and encrypted connection both on the machine where the game is played and on the server where the game takes place simultaneously.

VPN serves as an extra layer of protection which, among other benefits, protects the user’s privacy by hiding sensitive information such as the IP address of their location.

And not just that. When a match becomes “laggy”, the VPN can come into play. Here, it works by reducing the physical distance between the machine and the server. Thus, connection speed is optimized and latency minimized.

Person playing on a setup When the gamer mode of the gaming antivirus is activated, the machine remains safe and with preserved performance, ensuring greater gameplay. (Source: Getty Images/Reproduction)

In short: if you are looking for an antivirus for games and want to keep your equipment safe and free from threats, Premium version of Kaspersky Antivirus could be the ideal solution.

Available on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS operating systems, the software is one of the most awarded on the market in its category. In total, they won 69 first place awards throughout 2022 and are among the Top 3 in their category.

With this antivirus, have your entertainment uninterrupted, with performance optimization and constant monitoring of component integrity. Additionally, count on the pacote Kaspersky Security Cloud, a security solution that offers digital protection and privacy. It has Unlimited VPN and Identity Vaultprotecting your data and digital documents.

Visit the Kaspersky website and find out more about the hiring conditions.


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