With the beginning of December, many subscription services receive news, which includes the games offered by Amazon Prime Gaming. Unlike some platforms, where everything is available at once, the games given to those who subscribe to Amazon Prime will be released gradually over the next few weeks.

In total, we will have no less than 7 titles between the 7th and 28th of December. If you’re curious, you can check out the full schedule below:

Amazon Prime Gaming games in December

  • Deathloop – December 7th
  • Akka Arrh – December 14
  • Aground – December 14th:
  • SeaOrama: World of Shipping – December 14
  • Kombinera – December 21
  • The Tiny Sticker Sale – December 28th
  • Asteroids: Recharged – December 28

While According to Arrh, Aground, SeaOrama: World of Shipping e A Tiny Sticker Sale can be downloaded from Amazon’s own gaming application on PC, the titles Deathloop, Combine e Asteroids: Recharged can be played through the Epic Games launcher. To redeem these games, you just need to have an Amazon Prime subscription and access the Prime Gaming website, either directly there or through your Twitch account.

Deathloop will be the most coveted title among this month’s offers!Source: Bethesda/Reproduction

Without a doubt, Deathloop is this month’s highlight and, fortunately, it will also be the first title released by Amazon. Below, check out the trailer for each of the titles that will be distributed for free on Prime Gaming during the month of December!


According to Arrh


SeaOrama: World of Shipping


A Tiny Sticker Sale

Asteroids: Recharged

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