Who’s keeping an eye on the news about the remake of Alone in the Dark You may remember that the title was scheduled to hit stores on October 25th of this year. However, the production team changed this date, and now the game will be available only on January 16, 2024.

Despite initially being one of the games that would make the month of October busier, producer Pieces Interactive and distributor THQ they thought it best to change the release date. The objective is to avoid direct competition from other games of weight that arrive during the period, especially Alan Wake 2 e Spider-Man 2.

“Our intention is to avoid competing with Alan’s epic release and escape the dazzling skyline of cities adorned by Spider-Man’s graceful movements. This delay will serve a dual purpose: not only will it allow us to meticulously perfect the gameplay experience, but it will also give us the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in October’s notable releases,” explained THQ in a message sent to the press.

It is worth remembering that, in addition to the two games already mentioned, the remake of the classic that will feature actors David Harbor (from Stranger Things) and Jodie Corner (from Free Guy) in the position of protagonists would also have other titles as competitors, such as Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Forza Motorsport e Sonic Superstarsjust to name a few examples.

That way, Alone in the Dark will be available from January 16, 2024 in versions for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. For those who are keeping an eye on the game, it has a demo available on Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Strong competitor

When observing the statement made by THQ, it is safe to say that the company’s strategy makes sense when we take into account all the hype that has been generated around Alan Wake 2.

Indeed, so much Alan Wake 2 when Alone in the Dark present some similarities in their concepts, which could actually divide the public’s attention. However, Remedy’s title itself changed its release date in August, moving from October 17th to October 27th using the same justification: to escape the competition.

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/271377-alone-in-the-dark-adiado-evita-competir-alan-wake-2.htm

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