Originally released in early access in 2022 for PC (Steam), V Rising puts players in the shoes of vampires intent on reclaiming a lost kingdom. Now, to the delight of fans who enjoyed the experience on computers, the survival game will be released for PlayStation 5 on June 11th.

The announcement was made by Stunlock Studios this Monday (20), which took the opportunity to release a new action-packed trailer. Furthermore, those who pre-order the game, which is now available on PS Store by R$ 214,90you can access it five days in advance.

“Hunt for blood in this dynamic vampire survival action role-playing game,” the studio said in the trailer description. “Build a mighty castle that acts as the seat of your power and remind the world why they should fear the Vampire. Pre-order to get five-day early access.”

Em V Rising Players control a vampire who has awakened after centuries. The world is full of humans and other creatures, so your objective is to seek shelter and spread terror around.

Players can utilize different types of weapons and abilities, face various bosses, and create all types of structures you can imagine. The combat is very similar to an action RPG and there is an interesting variety of management options.

Though you may venture alone, V Rising It also has a very fun cooperative mode. In multiplayer, you can play in worlds where several vampires compete for land and attack opposing castles.

V Rising left early access on May 8th on PC

V Rising has sold 2.5 million copies since August 2022 and received new content during its early access period — not to mention the more than 77 thousand “very positive” reviews on Steam.

The full version of V Rising was released on May 8th for PC.Source: Steam

Now, on May 8th, V Rising has finally been released in its full version on Steam. It’s worth remembering that it also has an interesting promotion on the Valve platform — going from R$ 101.99 to R$ 91,72. The offer will be available until next Wednesday (22).

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