For some time now, we have seen several old games that are resurfacing with new titles, such as Streets of Rage, Battletoads e Double Dragon. However, it is a fact that The gaming past hides many other pearls that are ready for a triumphant return in the new generation.

With that in mind, below we will list eight old games that deserve a triumphant return on PC, Switch, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S. After much success in the past, would these franchises win the hearts of a new audience if they returned today?

1. Shining Force

Anyone who lived through the golden age of 16-bit consoles must certainly remember: both Super Nintendo and Mega Drive had successful games that were equal in mechanics and ideas, and one of these cases involves Fire Emblem e Shining Force.

Both series rely on tactical RPG mechanics. While Nintendo’s series lives on to this day, Shining Force It was forgotten in the past and certainly deserved a new version on current platforms. The franchise featured long titles in terms of gameplay and full of secrets to discover, as well as characters to recruit.

Indeed, Shining Force you’re only here because the mobile game that was in production (namely, Shining Force: Heroes of Light and Darkness) it was canceledso we are once again orphaned by the franchise once again.

2. F-Zero

Nintendo has created several successful series over its decades of history, and F-Zero It is certainly one that has a very strong fan base and is crying out for a new game. To give you an idea, we have been almost 20 years without a new title in this franchise — the last being F-Zero Climaxreleased for Game Boy Advance in 2004.

Nintendo explains this by the fact that F-Zero became a series of little importance close to Mario Kart. However, the play styles are completely different, and the announcement of a new game would certainly excite the most nostalgic fans.

3. Breath of Fire

And here we go with another RPG series. This time, the classic Breath of Fireone of Capcom’s older games, which has left a fan base orphaned in recent years.

Breath of Fire It has certainly earned its place among RPG fans, and much of this is due to the fact that its story is based on a protagonist capable of transforming into a dragon. The title also has other elements that would certainly justify something better than Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter e Breath of Fire 6. Seriously, this game isn’t even worthy of carrying the name of the series, in addition to being only released for mobile in Japan.

4. Half-Life

Did you think our list would leave Half-Life aside, right? Nonetheless, this successful Valve series certainly deserves to be revisited and get a third episode, as soon as possible.

With the amount of first-person games we have in the current generation, there is no doubt that Half-Life would find its space. The return would certainly make happy the players who spent hours and hours (whether at home or in Internet cafes) working hard to complete the two existing games, which are always gaining new features made by the community.

However, with Valve’s increasing focus on Steam and its online games, it’s hard to believe that Half-Life 3 will happen. The thing is to hope and hope that Gabe Newell eventually achieves this gaming miracle.

5. Bushido Blade

Many fighting series have come and gone over the years, either because they copied many ideas from other games or because they didn’t captivate a large number of fans. Although, Bushido Blade it goes a little far from both aspects and is, yes, one of the old game series that deserves a new title

What makes Bushido Blade such a special game is not the fact that it features combat between characters who use swords (after all, we have some good names on this list). Furthermore, the game has a mechanic that allows you to eliminate your opponent with just one hitif the blade was moved correctly.

6. Golden Sun

Golden Sun It was one of the pleasant surprises of the Game Boy Advance, as it was an RPG that featured turn-based combat and new elements such as the use of creatures called Djinn to define the characters’ classes and powers.

Camelot (which even worked on the Shining Force, which we mentioned above) also made a game for the Nintendo DS. This one is located a few years after the GBA games and features the children of the original protagonists as its main characters, and even ends with a bridge to continuation that, unfortunately, has not happened to this day.

7. The Lost Vikings

Long before working in World of Warcraft e OverwatchBlizzard has developed some important games for consoles, and in this group we can mention The Lost Vikings. The game was part of many gamers’ childhoods and even appeared in a collection, but did not receive sequels.

The purpose of the game is to control three Vikings throughout the scenarios, trying to use their unique skills to advance through the stages. This, in fact, required a lot of strategy, since only one of them could defend, the other could jump and the other could attack the opponents (and yes, losing one of them makes things very difficult).

8. Road Rash

Road Rash It’s another game that was quite successful on the Mega Drive and later gained versions for other platforms, but it’s been some time since we’ve had anything new regarding this franchise.

What stood out Road Rash than many other old games is the fact that it allows the player explore different scenarios on a motorcycle and hit other bikers with chains and other equipment that was within reach. And we have no doubt: this is a mechanic that would still work very well on current platforms.

And for you, which other old game series deserve new games in the current generation? Share your opinion with other readers using social media Voxel!


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