Digital stores are quite busy this week. Even though the promotion season, which usually takes place in the middle of the year, has not yet started, users who don’t want to spend a single penny to have fun can discover several games completely free on the platforms.

O Voxel curated and counts, in the following lines, eight games available to redeem and play on PC and consoles this week, completely free of charge. Check out:

MultiVersus (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)

After almost a year since the end of its troubled “Beta”, MultiVersus was finally officially released this week for PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The game features several characters from the Warner Bros. conglomerate. Discovery in a platform fighting game — following the formula of Super Smash Bros.

The game is available for free to play and supports cross-play between all platforms, according to the publisher. It’s more fun if you have a friend to play with, so be sure to try it out!

Gooba Ball

Gooba Ball is a fun and addictive puzzle game in which the objective is to unite balls of the same type, which in turn create even bigger and different balls. The entire aesthetic of the game is very cute, as the balls resemble cats and rabbits with different types of accessories and hairstyles.

One of the game’s proposals is also to connect with Twitch to share a leaderboard and engage with your community. You can meet Gooba Ball by accessing the official Steam page.

Shred Off (PC)

Are you missing snowboarding games like SSX? Then Shred Off It may have come at a good time. The game is a study project, published by the University of Applied Sciences in Breda, in the Netherlands, and mixes extreme sport with third-person shooter mechanics.

That’s right: while doing radical maneuvers, you need to eliminate the other competitors. The experience promises to be very arcadey, so ideal for players who want quick and uncompromising games. You can discover and redeem it on the official Steam page, clicking here.

Hidden Cats: The Last of Cats (PC)

Cats are, without a doubt, a hot topic in the gaming world. And this is also true in the field of free games, since Hidden Cats: The Last of Cats has just arrived on Steam.

The game has a very simple aesthetic, with black and white visuals, and players have to navigate the screen to find the cats that are hidden in the painting. You can find out more details and redeem the game for free by clicking here.

Mysterious Voyage: Set Sail (PC)

Fans of sailing and pirate-themed games have the opportunity to discover Mysterious Voyage: Set Sailwhich, although still in production, already has a completely free version to download.

The title’s promise is to allow players to sail freely, exploring the ocean and islands in search of hidden treasures. In the current version, it is now possible to assemble a crew, acquire ships and accept missions, according to the official description. Redeem the game on the Steam platform!

Escape from Zombietown (PC)

With a self-explanatory title, Escape from Zombietown in a first-person shooter, completely single-player, in which the player must brave hordes of zombies and escape a city that is completely infested.

The game features different types of weapons, grenades and consumable items to help with the task. There are at least twenty levels available to have fun, and each zombie has some special characteristic to make the experience more diverse. Download the game for free via the Steam platform by clicking here.

Tell Me Why (PC, Xbox)

Available for redemption for a limited time, Tell Me Why is a narrative and interactive game from the same creators of Life Is Strange: Dontnod Entertainment. In the story, twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan use their supernatural bond to discover the truth about their turbulent past.

The idea is to revisit conflicting childhood memories and develop the characters’ relationships in a dramatic story full of mystery. The game was originally released episodically, but it is possible to retrieve the complete experience until this Saturday, June 1st, at 2pm Brasília time. Get yours on the Steam and Xbox stores.

Chivalry II

And of course, the latest Mystery Game from the Epic Games Store couldn’t be missed. This week, the owner’s store Fortnite is offering Chivalry II at no additional cost to users—just access the store, redeem and play.

Inspired by medieval battle films, Chivalry 2 is a massively multiplayer first-person game, with matches for up to 64 players, in which players can fight with swords, axes, shields, arrows and much more. Go to the game’s store page and redeem it to add it to your account forever.

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