There are many games that carry controversies in their plots. Whether for issues involving explicit violence, bullying, or even for “provoking” religions with their controversial themes.

They range from placing a nun as the protagonist with the help of the devil, to “simulating” the life of Jesus, whether performing his miracles or fighting against his crucifixion. And to remind you of the most controversial cases, today Voxel brings you a list of seven games that were involved in religious controversies. Check out!

1. Outlast 2 and the ritual with orgy

Since the first game in the franchise, Outlast is surrounded by controversy, mainly due to the graphic violence that the game presents. But in his second chapter he managed to be even more controversial, especially in elements linked to religion. Starting with its setting, which shows a place isolated from the world, where there are a series of references to a type of cult that devastated the region.

Outlast 2 brings controversies involving religious cultsSource: Steam

If all this wasn’t enough, at one point you can witness a strange ritual, where the gray creatures that torment you throughout the game are having a big orgy. All of this to the sound of songs and shouts that simulate a kind of cult being held at the same time.

2. The Inquisitor and the wrath of Jesus

Imagine if Jesus, instead of proclaiming love between people, decided to promote chaos in the world? This is the proposal for The Inquisitor, game that features a plot where instead of being killed in his crucifixion, Christ would have freed himself and declared a bloody revenge against all non-believers.

The Inquisitor brings a new direction to the story of JesusThe Inquisitor brings a new direction to the story of JesusFonte:  Game Watcher

About fifteen hundred years later, you take on the role of Mordimer Madderdin, one of the inquisitors in the service of God, whose main mission is to restore faith in people, even if it is necessary to apply force to do so.

3. Indicate brings nun and devil joining forces

One of the games that has caused the most talk in 2024, Indicate brings a proposal beyond controversy: the union of a nun with the devil. In the game, you control the nun on an adventure of discovery, beyond her monastery, in search of answers to her questions about her religion

Indika brings game that unites a nun and the devilIndika brings game that unites a nun and the devilSource: Steam

The game features an exploration system similar to classics like Resident Evil e Silent Hill, where you have to solve puzzles and face random enemies, such as giant wolves and other creatures. All this with the help of his faithful companion: none other than the devil himself.

4. I Am Jesus Christ, the Jesus simulator

I Am Jesus Christ It is already causing controversy even without having been released. Available on Steam, in early access format, the game brings a very controversial proposal: putting the player in control of Jesus. To do this, it is necessary to carry out missions based on the acts of Christ, such as healing the sick, transforming water and wine, and resisting the devil’s temptations.

I Am Jesus Christ puts players in control of JesusI Am Jesus Christ puts players in control of JesusSource: Steam

Furthermore, the game also aims to recreate all of Jesus’ steps throughout his life. So get ready to cross the desert, face the Romans and even try to survive your crucifixion.

5. Far Cry 5 and religious fanatics

Far Cry is another franchise that from time to time flirts with controversy. And in its fifth chapter there was a great criticism of religious fanatics, where the game brought a region dominated by Joseph Seed, a religious leader who manipulates his followers through faith and illicit drugs.

Far Cry 5 addresses religious fanaticism in its plotFar Cry 5 addresses religious fanaticism in its plotFonte:  Ubisoft

Throughout history it is possible to witness the most absurd scenes involving this fanaticism proposed by Seed. To top it off, there is still an open ending that leaves a series of questions hanging in the air, especially whether Joseph was really telling the truth regarding a “biblical apocalypse”.

6. Fight of Gods and the fights between gods, Jesus and Buddha

Fight of Gods It could be just another fighting game among so many in the genre. However, he brings a somewhat controversial proposal; combats between gods and other religious figures. In other words, it is possible to participate in fights between none other than Jesus and Buddha, exchanging punches, kicks and special moves.

Fight of Gods sees Jesus and other religious figures getting slappedFight of Gods sees Jesus and other religious figures getting slappedSource: Steam

The list is wide and unusual. In addition to those mentioned above, there are also Moses, Odin, Athena, Amaterasu, Anubis and others in the cast. If so much bizarreness wasn’t enough, since it was released, the game has received several DLC with new characters. Highlight for what adds none other than Santa Claus.

7. Left Behind: Eternal Forces converting people by force

Launched in 2006, Left Behind: Eternal Forces It appears to be just another strategy game. However, its theme is quite controversial: the conversion of people to Christianity by force. That’s right, you need to go after citizens to convince them to adhere to religion.

Left Behind: Eternal ForcesLeft Behind: Eternal ForcesFonte:  My Abandonware

In the game, the world goes through a post-rapture. For those who don’t know, according to the Bible, the date is the day on which Jesus returns, taking all who believe in him to heaven. Therefore, it is up to you to convert as many people as possible to be saved. If they don’t accept, their fate is simply to die by your hands.

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