It is end of week promises to be full of adventures and challenges for fans of gameswith a diverse selection of titles available for freee. From mysterious riddles in magical worlds to epic journeys on uncharted islands, there is something for everyone.

Strategy fans will be able to build empires and lead civilizations through historical eras, while RPG aficionados will have the chance to delve into rich narratives, facing monsters and uncovering ancient secrets.

Source: Konami

Doors Paradox

Not magical world of Doors: Paradoxparticipants are guided by Zula, a time travel guide, through unexplored portals that lead to locations as diverse as cozy forests, fertile desert oases, and even glimpses of the future.

The mission is clear: solve the puzzles, open the door and move on to the next enchanting destination. With 58 themed dioramas spread across 13 unique kingdoms, the game promises lots of fun, challenging users’ problem-solving skills with a variety of puzzles.

One Piece Odyssey (Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S)

One Piece Odyssey takes Luffy and the Straw Hat crew to an unknown island, the setting of an unpublished story written by Eiichiro Oda. Here, a new character with the power to access memories transports the group to relive important moments of their journey, such as the clashes in Alabasta and Dressrosa.

The title stands out for its turn-based combat system, a new feature for the series, in which specific strategies and skills for each character are crucial. For example, Usopp can reach distant items with his slingshot, while Chopper traverses small areas thanks to his small size, bringing a unique dynamic to the exploration and challenges faced.

The title is available to play for free until February 4th for Xbox Game Pass Core or Ultimate subscribers.

Gord (Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S)

Em Gord, players take command of the Dawn Tribe, venturing into forbidden lands full of mysteries and dangers. In this dark fantasy world inspired by Slavic folklore, it is crucial to manage not only the construction and expansion of the settlement, but also the personal stories and well-being of the inhabitants, which directly influence the fate of the community.

The title is available to play for free until February 4th for Xbox Game Pass Core or Ultimate subscribers.

Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition (Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S)

Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition covers 10 civilizations, from eastern empires to western kingdoms, each with its own unique characteristics. Players are invited to build kingdoms, manage resources and lead armies in campaigns that span 500 years of history, from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance. Embody legendary leaders like Joan of Arc or Genghis Khan, making decisions that shape the course of history.

The title is available to play for free until February 4th for Xbox Game Pass Core or Ultimate subscribers.

Hero’s Land (PC)

Em Hero’s Land, survival is the essence of the journey in a world full of dangers and adversaries. In this multiplayer PvE and PvP environment, each match is a competition in which everything equipped can be lost upon death, raising the stakes of each encounter. The game challenges users to loot rare weapons and equipment from monsters, staying alive and alert.

Silent Hill Short Message (PS5)

Em Silent Hill: The Short Message, Anita finds herself trapped in an abandoned apartment, with no memory of how she got there. The search for her friend Maya leads her to face horrors that transcend reality, in which monsters and her own traumas intertwine in dark corridors. The narrative unfolds in a disturbing cycle, symbolizing imprisonment in a nightmare from which it seems impossible to awaken.

Unarmed, the young woman only depends on her cell phone, which serves as both a flashlight and a tenuous connection to the outside world, through messages exchanged with Maya and Amelie. The fight for survival also becomes a battle against time, in which facing your demons, both literal and figurative, is the only way out.

Atelier Resleriana (Android, iOS e PC)

Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator immerses fans of the franchise Atelier in a saga in which the kingdom of Lantarna, once flourishing under the blessings of a white comet, sees the art of alchemy fade with celestial disappearance. In this scenario, Resna, a young alchemist full of hope, crosses paths with Valeria, an amnesiac adventurer, in search of the miraculous source at the End of the World.


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