With the weekend approaching, nothing better than discovering new free games to enjoy free time. If you’re a fan of action, strategy or puzzles, this week’s selection brings unmissable options for all tastes and platforms.

Be in PC, console ou mobile, these games guarantee hours of fun and lots of excitement. Check out our list below!

Freshly Frosted (PC)

Freshly Frosted is an enchanting puzzle that takes us to a sweet and colorful world, in which the objective is to solve challenges in a donut factory. With a cute aesthetic and relaxing music, we are invited to connect conveyors and machines to create perfect donuts, decorated with icing and sprinkles. Each level introduces new elements and obstacles, requiring logic and creativity to solve the puzzles efficiently.

Redeem it now Freshly Frosted na Epic Games Store!

Crusader Kings III (Xbox)

Crusader Kings III is a dynamic strategy experience that puts us in the role of a medieval ruler, challenging us to manage a kingdom over generations. The focus is on detailed character simulation, in which each historical figure has unique traits, ambitions and abilities that influence their actions and interactions.

The dynasty system allows you to control a family lineage, promoting strategic marriages, political alliances and territorial inheritances. Decisions range from diplomacy and war to court intrigue and economic administration. Furthermore, there is a rich customization of culture and religion, shaping the medieval world according to our choices.

Play right now Crusader Kings III which is free to play until June 23rd for Xbox Game Pass subscribers!

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (Xbox)

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is a third-person shooter that mixes humor and action in a vibrant, colorful setting. The eternal battle between plants and zombies unfolds with a variety of characters, each possessing unique abilities and combat styles.

We can customize our characters and explore the world while facing hordes of enemies in chaotic and fun battles.

Play right now Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 which is free to play until June 23rd for Xbox Game Pass subscribers!

Hell Let Loose (Xbox)

Hell Let Loose is an FPS that intensely recreates the battlefields of World War II. With an emphasis on realism and teamwork, we are transported to massive conflicts with up to 100 players divided between infantry, tanks and artillery units. Each match demands strategic coordination and communication, as success depends on capturing and defending key points on the map.

Play right now Hell Let Loose which is free to play until June 23rd for Xbox Game Pass subscribers!

Stellaris (PC)

Stellaris is a real-time space strategy game that transports us to a vast universe full of possibilities. By taking command of an interstellar civilization, we explore galaxies, establish colonies, and engage in diplomacy or conflicts with other species.

Each match is unique, thanks to the procedural generation of star systems, random events, and a complex technology and resource management system. Strategic decisions range from the construction of fleets and space stations to the internal management of civilization’s policies and ethics, offering a rich and immersive experience for science fiction and strategy fans.

Play right now Stellaris which is free to play over the weekend on Steam!

Shadows: Awakening (PC)

Shadows: Awakening is an action RPG that immerses us in a dark and fantastic world in which we control demons capable of consuming the souls of fallen heroes. The gameplay is distinguished by the mechanics of alternating between the world of the living and the world of shadows, allowing you to solve puzzles and face enemies in unique ways.

Each character has their own skills and combat styles, offering a variety of strategies and tactics. Decisions made throughout the adventure affect the story and character development, providing multiple endings and a personalized experience.

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OneBit Adventure (PC, Android e iOS)

OneBit Adventure is a roguelike RPG that places us in a pixelated world full of dangers and adventures. The objective is to explore procedurally generated dungeons, fight monsters and collect treasure, all while advancing levels and improving skills. The simplicity of the controls and the depth of the mechanics provide an addictive experience, where each session is different from the previous one.

Redeem it now OneBit Adventure no PC, Android ou iOS!

So, which games are you going to enjoy this weekend? Tell us on social media Voxel!

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