Ready for a weekend full of epic adventures without spending a penny? The selection of Voxel this week of free games is here to make sure your free time is as exciting as it is economical.

From complex strategies that challenge the mind to intense action that quickens the heart, we have options for all tastes. Check it out below!

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Crime Boss: Rockay City (Xbox Series X/S)

Em Crime Boss: Rockay City, we delve into a turbulent underworld where strategy and brute force are essential to rise to power. Set in a city that evokes the vibes of 90s Miami, it puts the player in the role of Travis Baker, a rising criminal who seeks to consolidate his dominance over rival territory through a series of robberies and armed confrontations.

The game features an all-star cast, including Michael Madsen, Michael Rooker, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, and even a cameo from Vanilla Iceadding a nostalgic charm to its already electrifying atmosphere.

Play right now Crime Boss: Rockay Citywhich is free to play until May 12th for Xbox Game Pass subscribers!

Cities: Skylines – Remastered (Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S)

Em Cities: Skylines – Remastered, players have the opportunity to design, build and manage the city of their dreams. It allows you to create complex metropolises from scratch, managing all aspects, from basic infrastructure to detailed public policies.

This remastered version is optimized for current-gen consoles and includes enhanced features such as 25 buildable tiles for urban sprawl, quick selection tools, and significant user interface improvements that allow for precise placements and more intuitive tuning options.

Play right now Cities: Skylines – Remasteredwhich is free to play until May 12th for Xbox Game Pass subscribers!

From Space (Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S)

From Space is a cooperative action-shooter experience that offers a fun combat experience against an alien invasion of Earth. With support for up to four players in co-op mode, you and your friends can join forces to repel waves of aliens using an over-the-top and diverse arsenal.

The title is set in a stylized post-apocalyptic world, in which freedom of destruction is encouraged, increasing the dynamism and fun of the missions.

Play right now From Spacewhich is free to play until May 12th for Xbox Game Pass subscribers!

Destiny 2 Expansions – Shadowkeep, Fall of Light, The Witch Queen (Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S)

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter set in a vast science fiction universe. Players take on the role of Guardians, protectors of the last safe city on Earth, and embark on epic adventures across the solar system. It combines PvE and PvP elements, offering a variety of activities that include narrative missions, cooperative strikes, and intense arena competitions.

Play right now Destiny 2 and the expansions of Shadowkeep, Fall of Light e The Witch-Queen which are being made available for free until May 12th on Xbox!

Company of Heroes 3 (PC)

Company of Heroes 3 is an intense real-time strategy experience that immerses players in the Mediterranean and North African theaters of war during World War II. It challenges strategists with a dynamic campaign where every decision can alter the course of the war.

Through an interactive tactical map, you need to manage resources, command troops in detailed battles and execute maneuvers in a highly destructive environment that reacts realistically to actions on the field.

Play right now Company of Heroes 3 which is free until May 12th on Steam!

Crusaders King III (PC)

Crusader Kings III is a deep strategy game that puts players in control of medieval dynasties. He challenges us to maintain power and expand territory through strategic alliances, wars and marriages. Each character has unique traits and ambitions that affect their actions and relationships with others.

Play right now Crusaders King III which is free until May 12th on Steam!

Solo Leveling: Arise (PC, Android e iOS)

Solo Leveling: Arise is an action RPG based on the popular manhwa and anime series Solo Leveling. It invites players to embark on the journey of Sung Jinwoo, initially the world’s weakest hunter, as he faces increasing challenges and fearsome monsters.

With a strong focus on character growth and exploration of dungeons full of enemies, the game provides immersion through a vast world full of adventures and dangers. Players can develop skills, collect powerful artifacts, and form strategic alliances as they fight to increase their power and influence in the game world.

Redeem it now Solo Leveling: Arise no PC, Android or iOS!

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