It’s still January, but 2024 promises to be an exciting year for fans of racing and sports games. Starting with the possible disruption of the hegemony of EA Sports FC in the football genre, as there is a forecast for the launch of new competitors, and a possible revamp of its biggest rival: eFootball.

Among racing games, there is an expectation for improvements that justify the price, as in F1and also for the arrival of a new chapter in the renowned Microsoft series: Forza Horizon. Check out the full list!

1. UFL

For those who don’t know, UFL is a football game that was announced in 2021, and is still in development. And since then, there has been a lot of talk that he would be a worthy rival to eFootball and, especially EA Sports FCwhich today reigns supreme in the genre.

UFL promises to be EA Sports FC’s biggest rival in 2024Source: Twitter

If such expectations weren’t enough, at the beginning of this month, star Cristiano Ronaldo made an investment of US$40 million (just over R$190 million at current prices) to help with the production of the game. Furthermore, there are rumors that he will also be the game’s poster boy, which would also help with launch marketing. It remains to be seen whether he will fulfill his promises in the first title to be released.

2. A new official FIFA football game

After decades of partnership, this year EA launched the first version of its famous franchise FIFA Soccer with another name: EA Sports FC. The reason was in relation to high licensing costs, where just to put the entity’s name in your game it was necessary to pay a high price.

FIFA intends to have its own game to compete with its former partnerFIFA intends to have its own game to compete with its former partnerFonte:  One Football

However, it seems that FIFA wasn’t too happy about not having an official game this year. It is worth remembering that for years the entity has promoted electronic football tournaments on important dates, such as the World Cup finals and other tournaments. It remains to be seen who will be the producer that will embrace the audacious project.

3. eFootball 2025

What was the great competitor of EA’s football franchise has now become an option mainly for those who don’t want to pay anything to play. Therefore, Konami has an important mission in 2024: to give a direction to what was once its best-selling franchise and the only one to surpass the hitherto FIFA Soccer in the genre.

eFootball could get a major overhaul in 2024eFootball could get a major overhaul in 2024Source: Steam

There is a lot of talk about a reformulation, which has been under development since the beginning of the current generation. These same rumors also say that the current free model is a way to keep its players in touch with the game until this long-awaited new version is finally released. The truth is that three years have passed since this generation began and until then nothing else has been seen or commented on.

4. EA Sports FC 25

Speaking of reformulation, the EA Sports game now and then also comes into this subject. The reason is the few new features that each new version of the game delivers, especially since it arrived in the current generation. Many think that, because nowadays it doesn’t have a worthy competitor, EA adopts the famous football phrase: “you don’t mess with a team that’s winning”, and maintains the same gameplay and visuals so as not to displease its loyal players.

Players expect EA Sports FC 25 to come with big changesPlayers expect EA Sports FC 25 to come with big changesSource: Steam

However, if at least one of the possibilities mentioned above comes to fruition, it will be interesting to see the company leaving its comfort zone and producing something truly innovative. Especially if one of the competitors manages to deliver a game that pleases as much as EA Sports FC.

5. Forza Horizon 6

Even though it hasn’t been announced yet, it’s very unlikely that a new chapter in the franchise Forza Horizon Don’t arrive this year. Starting with Microsoft’s tradition of launching a title in the series Motosportwhich hit the market this year, followed by one from the series Horizon.

Forza Horizon 5 was the last game in the franchiseForza Horizon 5 was the last game in the franchiseSource: Steam

Furthermore, the latest games in the franchise were a sales and critical success, which would further help to boost both sales of its current consoles, as well as subscriptions to the Xbox Game Pass service, as it is one of the titles that traditionally arrives free to the catalog on the day of its launch.

6. Annual franchises that urgently need improvements and new features

Finally, there are also those racing and sports franchises that receive new titles every year, and 2025 will be no different. Are they:

  • Madden NFL;
  • NBA 2K;
  • F1;
  • NHL.

NBA 2K24 brought few new features other than updating squads and playersNBA 2K24 brought few new features other than updating squads and playersSource: Steam

What both have in common is the lack of news and improvements that justify their price, always above R$300. Until then, besides updating squads, players/drivers and teams/teams, there are few reasons why the player spends the same amount every year. We’re in the crowd!

And in your opinion, what is the most anticipated sports game of 204? Tell us on Voxel’s social media!


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