Are you looking for new free games to enjoy in weekend? This time we have an incredible selection that ranges from immersive adventures to frantic battles.

Whether you enjoy exploring new worlds, taking on unique challenges or just having fun with friends, we have something for everyone.s. Get ready to immerse yourself in exciting experiences and guarantee hours of entertainment without spending a penny!

Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition (PC)

Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition is a gothic exploration RPG that puts us in command of a space locomotive in a Victorian universe expanded to the stars. In it, we lead a crew on dangerous journeys through four distinct regions, facing celestial pirates, cosmic monsters and agents of majesty.

The narrative is rich and detailed, with over 800,000 words inspired by authors such as CS Lewis, Jules Verne and HP Lovecraft. Choices influence the story, with the possibility of defining the captain’s past and dealing with challenges such as hunger, madness and terror.

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Ale & Tale Tavern: First Pints (PC)

Ale & Tale Tavern: First Pints is a first-person tavern simulator with an open-world feel and co-op. You take on the role of a tavern owner in a fantasy world, where your mission is to restore the place to its former glory. To do this, you need to engage in a variety of activities such as fishing, hunting, cooking, growing plants, and raising animals.

Tasks include serving customers, collecting resources, and completing missions ranging from preparing dishes to exploring areas around the establishment.

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Sicaria (PC)

Hitwoman is a third-person stealth game set in Antwerp during the Eighty Years’ War. In it, we take on the role of an engineer who, after losing an arm in the war, builds a mechanical prosthesis to overcome challenges. The focus is on stealth and infiltration, requiring players to use their intelligence and ingenuity to navigate the environments, avoid guards and eliminate threats.

With an arsenal of gadgets like bottles, smoke bombs, and traps, strategies range from stealth assassinations to manipulating the environment to distract or incapacitate enemies.

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XDefiant (PC, Xbox e PlayStation)

XDefiant is a free-to-play FPS that combines intense action with loadout customization and specialized factions. In it, teams of snipers battle for dominance in quick, online matches. It features six distinct modes, including Escort, where attackers must escort a payload while defenders attempt to stop them, and Zone Control, where attackers capture zones while defenders defend them.

Other modes include Domination, Occupation, Hot Shot, and a Ranked mode, ideal for those looking for serious competition. Each faction, inspired by Ubisoft universes like Libertad and DedSec, brings unique skills and styles, allowing players to adapt their strategies to the challenge.

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Blood Strike (PC, Android e iOS)

Blood Strike is a battle royale FPS in which up to 100 players face off in modes such as Battle Royale, Squad Fight, and Hot Zone. Each character, or Striker, has unique active and passive abilities, allowing for diverse strategies such as the use of drones and shield barriers.

Weapon customization is detailed, allowing you to modify aspects such as sights, grips and barrels, adapting your arsenal to your preferred play style.

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