GTA V e GTA Online have gathered a legion of fans in recent years and the impact of both titles on the community is indisputable. However, there is another great highlight that helped make the franchise even more popular among players: GTA RP — or GTA Roleplay.

If you don’t know, the GTA RP is an online community in which players take on the roles of fictional characters within the highly modified open world of GTA V, creating narratives and interacting with others in a variety of different situations and scenarios. It’s basically a metaverse that has become extremely popular in recent years.

There are different types of servers in GTA RP.Source: Rockstar

Here, players immerse themselves in an immersive roleplaying experience across several different server types, creating and developing characters with their own personalities and roles within a sort of layered online society.

Of course, it is also possible to participate in numerous different activities in GTA RPsuch as working in simulated jobs, carrying out robberies, forming gangs, interacting with NPCs and even establishing relationships with other players through organized fan groups.

How to download GTA RP with FiveM?

He was interested in GTA RP and do you intend to venture into this universe? Know that to play the game you need to have a copy of GTA V for PC — because the RP It is supported by mods only available on that platform. Therefore, consoles are out of the question, at least for now.

FiveM is one of the main mods for playing GTA RP.FiveM is one of the main mods for playing GTA RP.Source: FiveM

After purchasing the game, available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store for R$ 82,42, you need to install an RP mod. In this text, we will give priority to FiveM — and the step-by-step instructions for installing it can be found below:

  • First of all, disable any antivirus installed on your PC before downloading FiveM. Some programs, such as Avast and AVG, are known to block mod procedures, so make sure your antivirus is completely turned off to continue the process;
  • Add FiveM to your antivirus’ whitelist/exclusion list;
  • Make sure you have installed and updated the GTA V not your PC;
  • Download FiveM via from this link;
  • Run “FiveM.exe”. If you run the installer in an empty folder, FiveM will be installed there. Otherwise it will be installed in “%localappdata%\FiveM”
  • Launch FiveM from the Windows Start menu.

How to join a GTA RP server?

FiveM allows players to access different game servers GTA RP and participate in personalized experiences created by the community.

Once the mod is installed on your computer, you will need to search for servers GTA RP available on the internet — below we will list five great options for you.

Generally, each of them requires players to register on their website and follow specific instructions to join the experience, in addition to waiting in a queue.

The vast majority of GTA RP servers have a huge waiting list to join.The vast majority of GTA RP servers have a huge waiting list to join.Source: FiveM

Requirements may include a series of steps, in addition to downloading additional mods necessary to access the server, creating an account, and even complying with community rules and guidelines. It’s a filter for those who are really willing to dive into this universe.

5 great recommendations for GTA RP servers

Once you meet the entry requirements, you will be able to access the GTA RP of your choice, create a character and start exploring and interacting with other players within the virtual world. It’s important to follow the rules to ensure a positive and fun gaming experience for everyone involved.

As promised, check it out below the five best servers GTA RP to play with FiveM. Remembering that there is no specific “best” — after all, this will depend on your personal taste. But all of the following options are great!


Although it doesn’t have as many features as NoPixel, NoPixel’s servers EclipseRP can support up to 200 players online — unlike the main competitor, which only supports 32 players on each server.

Eclipse Roleplay.Eclipse Roleplay.Fonte:  Eclipse Roleplay

One of its main features is the large number of factions available to participate in — from the Irish Mafia of Los Santos to The Clowns. There are also openings for specific jobs at companies such as Los Santos Customs and Los Santos Medical Services.

Of course, the waiting time to be part of this community is a bit long, considering its high popularity.


Being one of the best known in the community thanks to famous streamers such as Lirik and Summit, NoPixel is one of the most popular servers in GTA RP around the world. It wasn’t created in Brazil, but there are a lot of Brazilians there.

NoPixel.NoPixel.Fonte:  NoPixel

Since 2021, they have closed registrations due to the large number of new players, but you can still participate. To do this, simply be a donor and support the project — but keep in mind that you will need to face a waiting list of at least one month.

City R10

Believe it or not, even Ronaldinho Gaúcho, a great player for the Brazilian national team, entered the world of GTA RP. The Wizard inaugurated the City R10 in June 2022 to rival the main competitors in the segment.

City R10.City R10.Source: Cidade R10

One of its great strategies to attract players is an advertising partnership with Volkswagen, which also made its cars available for sale on the Bruxo server. Of course, the wait is long and you will have to interview with the staff to get into Cidade R10.


Being one of Cidade Alta’s main competitors, the Brazilian server Complex It is the result of Fluxo’s work and is one of the most requested around here. Its inauguration featured a performance by artist MC Poze do Rodo and several famous streamers.

Complex.Complex.Source: Complex (X)

Due to its high popularity, playing at the Complex is quite a challenge, as it is difficult to get on the waiting list due to the demands of the server staff. But why not try your luck, right?


Being the Brazilian server of GTA RP most famous today, the Uptown is the result of the work of LOUD, a famous Brazilian eSports organization. He is one of the veterans, which perhaps explains his popularity among players.

Cidade Alta RP.Cidade Alta RP.Source: Cidade Alta RP

The server is nothing less than a huge online society, where everything is meticulously supervised — so here you must walk the line. Cidade Alta also had numerous collaborations with famous brands, such as iFood, Submarino and Jeep.

To participate in Cidade Alta, you must access the Official Discord server and wait for the selection process to enter the waiting list.

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