10 ideas for One Shot Horror in D&D

When October arrives, a mysterious atmosphere envelops the RPG world.

However, for D&D 5e enthusiasts, Halloween becomes even more special.

That’s because, by mixing Lovecraft’s classic horrors with iconic settings like Shadowfell and Ravenloft, we are presented with unique and chilling experiences.

Adventure Ideas

10 ideas for One Shot Horror in D&D

Idea 1 – Mansion of Mirrors

In the heart of Shadowfell, adventurers discover a decrepit mansion.

Furthermore, the mansion’s mirrors do not reflect reality, but rather alternate dimensions of terror.

For example, when looking into a mirror, a player may see a corrupt version of themselves that tries to lure them inside.

Further investigation reveals that an artifact at the center of the mansion fuels these distortions.

Idea 2 – The Silent Village

Taking inspiration from Innsmouth, this Ravenloft village has much more beneath the surface.

Firstly, the local inhabitants are suspicious and have amphibious characteristics.

Following this line, investigations lead to the discovery of an ancient pact with marine entities.

By breaking this pact, the adventurers will face not only the villagers, but also the horrors of the deep.

Idea 3 – The Cult of the Blood Moon

During a special night, as the moon bathes in red, a cult plans a ritual in an abandoned cemetery.

To complicate matters, this ritual can open a portal to the Shadowfell, releasing unspeakable horrors.

To stop the cult, players may need unexpected allies, such as a repentant Lich or an exiled werewolf.

Idea 4 – The Ghost Ship

In Ravenloft, a legend tells of a ship that appears on foggy nights.

On board, in addition to the promised treasures, stories tell of an immortal captain, cursed by a Lovecraftian entity.

But, upon investigating, players discover that the entity is looking for something lost in the depths of the ship.

Idea 5 – Forest of Whispers

It’s not just the trees that talk in this forest in Ravenloft. As players progress, ancient spirits tell stories and ask for favors.

However, one spirit in particular seeks reincarnation and sees players as the perfect means of doing so.

Idea 6 – The Child of the Curse

The collision between Ravenloft and Shadowfell results in the birth of a child with formidable powers.

While some factions wish her death, others see her as a messiah.

Therefore, the adventurers will face moral dilemmas while protecting (or fighting) this child.

Idea 7 – The Midnight Clock

A clock in Shadowfell doesn’t just keep time.

It is said that when midnight arrives, it releases a trapped entity.

Additionally, when exploring, players can find clues on how to stop the clock and face temporal challenges, such as enemies that regenerate or rooms that age whoever enters.

Idea 8 – The Abandoned Hospice

In Ravenloft, the walls of this madhouse contain echoes of the past.

Upon investigation, diaries reveal macabre experiments and the emergence of an entity created from collective madness.

To face this entity, players will need to understand the fragmented minds of their former patients.

Idea 9 – The Twisted Wishing Well

A well in Shadowfell does not grant simple wishes. Instead, it distorts them in horrible ways.

For example, when asking for wealth, a player can be turned into a golden statue.

Therefore, solving the well’s riddles will be vital to ensuring a safe wish.

Idea 10 – The Crypt of the Immortals

In Ravenloft, this crypt is home to beings who have lived for centuries.

In addition to traps and puzzles, players will encounter beings seeking final rest or wishing to return to the world of the living, offering rewards or curses.

Setting and Atmosphere

When embarking on horror adventures in D&D, setting is key to engaging your players.

After all, it’s the atmosphere that turns a simple dungeon exploration into a genuinely horrifying experience.

Therefore, considering the oppressive environment of Shadowfell and the ominous gothic of Ravenloft, it is vital to create a convincing mood.

Detailed Descriptions

First, detail the environments. For example, when entering a room in Ravenloft, don’t simply say it’s “an old room.”

Instead, describe “a cold room, with torn curtains flapping in the night breeze, old portraits on the walls whose eyes seem to follow the players, and a pungent smell of rotting wood in the air.”

Such an approach immerses players in the experience.

Sound Effects and Tracks

Also, consider using sound effects. The sound of dripping drops, howling wind or chains dragging on the ground can heighten the suspense.

Additionally, horror-themed playlists, available on streaming platforms, help maintain the mood.

Imagine exploring a mausoleum in Ravenloft with the sound of a gothic organ in the background!


Lighting undoubtedly also plays a role. If playing in person, candles or low lights are ideal.

For online games, encourage players to do the same in their environments.

After all, a dark dungeon in Shadowfell looks much more ominous in the light of flickering candles.

Moral Dilemmas and Decisions

Finally, challenge your players with moral dilemmas.

In Ravenloft, they may encounter a monster who is actually a victim of a curse and seeks help.

In Shadowfell, an entity can offer power in exchange for a sacrifice.

These dilemmas, together with the setting, intensify the horror experience.

10 ideas for One Shot Horror in D&D

10 ideas for One Shot Horror in D&D

Without a doubt, by combining classic horrors with the D&D universe, we achieve an unparalleled fusion of suspense and adventure.

Certainly, these Halloween sessions will remain unforgettable memories for all players involved.

So these were our 10 ideas for a D&D Horror one shot, we hope it helped you master your way through the Tabletop RPG.

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