Subscribers to Xbox Game Pass can have access to some of the best RPG games of all time — from the oldest to the most recent. This September, for example, the Microsoft catalog received Starfield, one of the main releases of the genre this year. At the same time, it is also possible to find The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, launched over 12 years ago.

If you are interested in learning more about this genre, the Voxel has listed the 9 best RPG games available on Xbox Game Pass this month. Check out:

1. Starfield

Starfield is a project by Bethesda Games, the developer responsible for some of the favorite RPGs of all time, such as Skyrim e Fallout 4. Thus, the title was one of the most anticipated releases this year, after 25 years in development.

With stunning visuals, players can explore different planets and celestial bodies while trying to unravel a great mystery in space. During travels, the character can also interact with a wide variety of inhabitants, develop side missions and participate in special battles.

Voxel had early access to the game and did a complete analysis of the title! Check it out below:

2. Lies of P

Em Lies of P, Pinocchio is the last hope of Krat, a gothic city inspired by the French Belle Époque, which has been invaded by murderous puppets. The title uses the story of Italian author Carlo Collodi as the backdrop for a sinister and bloody adventure.

Despite being a Soulslike game, with only one fixed protagonist and not offering many customization options at the beginning of the game, Lies of P It can be considered an action RPG due to the open world feature and the fact that it allows you to choose between three combat styles.

3. Monster Hunter Rise

Launched in 2021, Monster Hunter Rise is the latest chapter in the award-winning franchise. In the game, the monster hunter can explore maps, use various weapons while hunting the terrible monsters that torment the villages. Each monster hunted will provide unique materials to assemble armor and create equipment that will evolve your character.

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4. The Outer Worlds

With a futuristic and space theme, The Outer Worlds It takes place in the first person, but has all the classic elements of an RPG. An example of this is that an important part of its gameplay is linked to interaction with NPCs who, with the main character, participate in missions and combats.

With colorful visuals and a fun narrative, the game gives you several character possibilities, with skills that can be evolved and moments of decision-making — whose choices will affect the development of the story.

5.  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Despite being over 12 years old since its release, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim remains one of the best titles of its genre. Developed by Bethesda Game Studio, it was nominated and won some of the main awards in the gaming world.

The game features a vast mystical universe with dragons, vampires, werewolves and several other races. Players have plenty of content to explore, with each tribe having their own languages, financial systems, traditions, and more.

Skyrim You can reach up to 300 hours of gameplay with its side missions and new campaign mods.

6. Yakuza: Like a Dragon

The eighth game in the franchise Yakuza features Ichiban Kasuga, an underling from one of Tokyo’s smallest families, convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. On a journey of self-discovery, the character can choose between 19 professions and explore up to 50 unique sub-stories in the Japanese setting.

7. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect is considered one of the best game franchises in history, being acclaimed for the quality of the story, characters, voice acting, choices and the vastness of the galaxy. In 2021, EA and Bioware re-released the original trilogy completely remastered and with some new mechanics — aligning the content and gameplay.

O Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which is available on Xbox Game Pass, is made up of the three Commander Shepard games and a compilation of more than 40 DLCs. A fourth title, the Mass Effect: Andromedais also available as a subscription, but its story is independent of the trilogy.

8. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a survival RPG with a vast post-apocalyptic landscape to explore. Highly praised by critics and innovative at its launch, the futuristic game has 111 thousand lines of dialogue — more than Fallout 3 e Skyrim combined.

In the scenario destroyed by a nuclear war, the player can explore the city of Boston and a region of Massachusetts, complete missions, help factions and acquire experience points to level up and increase his character’s skills.

9. Persona 5

Em Persona 5 Royal, players follow Joker and other high school students who, in the metaverse, awaken their Persona powers and transform into secret vigilantes. The RPG is known for successfully mixing its dungeon system with a real-life simulator.

The title is the last in the franchise, offering better visuals and more interesting mechanics. However, in terms of story, some fans may claim that the Persona 3 Portable and the Persona 4 Golden are superior to his successor. For those interested, all titles are available for Xbox subscription.

10. Sea of Stars

Produced by the same creators as The Messenger, Sea of ​​Stars was released in 2023 directly on Xbox Game Pass. Acclaimed by critics and audiences, the game takes inspiration from classic RPGs, such as Chrono Trigger, to tell a captivatingly original story.

For those who enjoy turn-based RPGs and pixel art visuals, it’s worth giving the independent game produced by the Sabotage studio a try. You can find out more details about the title in our full review.

So, did you know any of these RPGs? Stay tuned to Voxel to check out more content from the gaming universe and follow us on social media!


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