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Is a Toys R Us revival on the cards?

A revival for Toys R Us may be in the cards, with former executives planning to revive the brand, launching a new form called Tru Kids Inc.

According to reports, former executives at Toys R Us have been reaching out to toy manufacturers in order to begin plans for a comeback for the brand. 

The New York Post reports that Tru Kids Inc was launched last Sunday and owns the rights to the Toys R Us brand, Babies R Us brand and Geoffrey the Giraffe mascot.

The new chief executive is Richard Barry, who was in charge of merchandising at Toys R Us, with he and his team looking to set up appointments with suppliers at the upcoming New York Toy Fair. 

How successful this attempt will be is yet to be seen. Accounts from the global industry suggest that the brand name has lost the trust with not only suppliers but customers too. 

Some have suggested that having survived a Christmas without the retailer, there is little call for its return.

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